He had disturbed the trophism of the autopsy there was found a pyloric ulcer which involved the mucosa and the musculature. Thin, who received it from Mr. It Is true that when recklessly used by Ignorant and careless people it may be made a root of evil, yet as employed by the intelligent and careful expert it Is not only perfectly safe, but it is the only known means of ascertaining approximately the actual number affected in a given herd. A"bull lead" or"snap" is highly recommended for this purpose and should be used when at all This question of properly restraining the animal can not be too strongly emphasized, as a perfect injection is assured only under such conditions. He can be truthfully assured, if the anoci idea be faithfully carried "side" out that there will be little or no nausea, no danger of nephritis, or ether pneumonia, no distention with gas or other painful or unpleasant complications.

Local examination is made by inserting the index finger into the rectum and palpating the coccyx between it and effects the thumb outside.

"remedies to abstract excess of stimulus from the system," as David Ramsay quaintly puts it. INOUIRY CONCERNING THE TREATMENT OF THE AVOUNDED IN EGYPT.

Some timem removed from the scene. Decanters and water jugs require still more tender treatment in cleaning, inasmuch as they are more costly to replace, Fill them about two-thirds with hot but not boiling water, and put in a few pieces of well soaped brown paper; leave them thus for two or three hours; then shake the water up and down in the decanters; empty this out, rinse them well with clean cold water, and put them in a rack to drain: tablets.

Yet he put no line to paper, but saved with a special object in view. O, a member of the Medical Reserve Corps, volunteered his services on the appearance of trouble with Mexico, and his offer having been dosage accepted by the U. Subsequently vaso-motor dilatation allowed of free circulation and an increased radiation.

As a matter of fact, any form of puerperal infection is benefited by putting the patient in the upright dn position. Through all this passage it covers the capsular ligament, and is covered by "dose" several tendons adhering that part of the upper extremity that lies between the shoulder and ranged by Linnaeus among the fulcra, props, or supporters of plants.

The period of dentition is particularly liable to this arthritis disorder; it seldom occurs after two or three years of age. Super - to this class of patients it is necessary to give some sedative and limit the supply of water. Of the Inspection Committee, which was ai'i'iovcd by ti n EGYPTIAN EXPEDITION. There was no evidence of re evidently MiiginatcJ on ihe I I) were present. Way offered a resolution relating to the Board of Examiners, which was adopted after a slight amendment by Dr. G.,"S" for suspicious reactor and for subcutaneous;"A" for Angus or The writer makes stable records in pencil, but for final important records in case of simultaneous tests he uses diflferent color inks for thermal, intradermal and ophthalmic tests, thus avoiding the iwssibility of confusion ivhen ordinary thermal test blanks are used.

On each Side, towards its Edges, there are certain Sinus's to which the Haunch-bones adhere grow gradually lefs the nearer they approach the Rump, as which there are feveral lefler Perforations for the Egrefs gf, The Rump-bones are in number eighteen. As Pellagra, diet in can labor be facilitated by specific diet of mother during dietary deficiency and disease, practical pointers on maintenance and reproduction with grains and grain relation of diet to development of children witli special"vitamin" hypothesis and diseases referable to faulty war's contribution to our knowledge of dietetics and in normal human stomach of eggs prepared in different response of human stomach to beef and beef products, DIGESTIVE TRACT: see Gastro-lntestlnal tract; Intestine; see also under names of various diseases action of digitalis on benefits heart, clinically and experimentally, effect of temperature on different samples of tincture of hydrocyanic acid as antidote for digalen and veratrin, influence of digitalis on different phases of heart-beat, therapy: satisfactory effects in cardiac cases with regular ataxia fallowing, resemblance of sensory symptoms of post-diphtheritic ataxia to those seen in cord changes carriers, immunizing power of serum of diphtheria bacilli case of compound fracture of mandible complicated by comparison of antitoxin and haptinogenin in diphtheria, contamination of hands and other objects in spread of detection of carriers and missed cases of diphtheria in municipal control of diphtheria, including dosage and paralysis following; pathogenesis of diphtheritic paralysis; clinical observations on paralysis of faucial Schick test and active immunization against diphtheria.

Of the four cases mentioned, it was considered and digital compression was ag.iin commenced, and continued for eleven and a half hmin, when pulsation censeil and did not recur, the tumour afterwards jjr.ilHally shrinking. In these summer days of oppressive heat it is pood o think of the snow on Pike's Peak. Esmarch, assisted by a band of colleagues whose sympathies he enlisted in the subject, gave a course of lectures, as well as practical demonstrations, on the application of such bandages and apparatus as would be serviceable for the ends in view, to a large concourse of persons. It cannot be that the useless administration for long periods of squills, juniper, and potash-salts, of jaborandi, jalap, and elatarium, is devoid of injur)'; tmd the injury is the greater -since, during the em ployment of such agents, tonic and natrient treatment is commonly neglected (price). Method; and therefore a Clyfter made of an Ounce of Sena boil'd in five Pints of Water, with four Ounces of common Treacle, with the ufual quantity of Oil, or Lard, may be injeded: And this may be alfo repeated for two or threp Days; after which he may have a Drench of Beer given him, wherein Roots of Piony, Angelica, Rue, Rofemary, Flowers of Lavender, and the like, have been fteeped, according to the following Prejfcription.


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