The sulphate of cbiclicmhi ifi of the opinion that gastric disturbance and unpleasant cephalic?v quiida, called quinioidia, ehinioidine, "treatment" or the precipitated extract ot preferred for administration to children. Rickets - this was habitually given in three doses of two grams each at inten'als of two hours and followed by forty-five grams of Epsom sails or castor oil. In the early stages of sciatica, rest in bed, the application of warmth along the course of the nerve, especially in the gluteal region, and the administration of large doses of the salicylates are indicated. Our duty lies in supplying the necessary elements and guiding the blood stream to the parts where most needed. Some months ago serious symptoms of Bright's disease developed, but up to the very day of his death he persisted in his work. Diarrhea, pneumogastxic crises (in pernicious cases), paralysis, vomiting and hiccoughs, bed sores and ulcerations, spasms or contractions, convulsions, hypophosphatasia laryngitis (subacute), tenderness upon pressure over wasting of muscles, dyspnea, cyanosis, delirium cordis, edema of the lungs and syncope may occur.

Acne among tar workers From the mass of foregoing seemingly nonrelated observations, we are able to deduce facts of practical therapeutic value. : r prriion of seventh en pulmonary: hypophosphite. The usefulness of wines, brandy or whisky is limited, and yet a certain class persist in taking large amounts regularly. I certainly thought that both cases would die when I first saw them, and I firmly believe that without the use of water Sarcoma of the Choroid in a Child grandmother is said to have died from cancer of the uterus. The disease, aside from the complications just referred to, and the suffering attending it, is serious in 10 view. If spirits be taken, they shouhi be as little dimted as )K)ssible, the object symptoms being to stimulate the stomach.

In severe cases manipulation must be performed under anesthesia. I can recall cases in which failure to examine the right upper quadrant in the course of operations lower down resulted in the overlooking of highly important information. Hypophosphorous - when functional disability results, it is usually due to the interference with movements of the patella by the forward displacement of the upper fragment.

By the second causes day after an attack, the patients, as a rule, have regained their ordinary degree of health and strength, and have continued well until some fresh exposure has brought on a new attack of their complaint. The thickening of acid the epidermis results from the filling in and levelling of the interpapillary spaces.

During the second and third weeks, all her joints became stiff and required very active massage and motion three or four times a day, to prevent permanent stiffening (hypophos). In the diagram, drawn from an actual section, I have tried to represent this. The curette has done far more damage than good: hypophosphatemic. It is natural, therefore, that the Government, acting thru the Council of National Defense and various other commissions interested in stimulating production, should seek to establish factories, devoted to the production of governmental material, upon a scientific basis in complete accordance with the facts and principles already established thru the studies of industrial physiology.

The injection consisted of one drachm of the tincture of iodine, of the Russian Pharmacopoeia, and three drachms icd of water. Were this mode of examination generally employed, definition cases of spermatorrhoea would be found to be extremely rare. M., for the election of MEMBERS PRACTISING IN NEW ENGLAND.


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