But just why the doctor should be inclined to get any cheaper stuff than the druggist, we confess ourselves unable to understand. In view of the fact that the mother was addicted to the use of morphine the child was given three minims of Tincture Opium Camphorata and repeated in one-half hour for three times.

It is possible that young eyes, moderately hypermetropic, may become normal by the natural processes of growth and may afterward undergo The growth of the eyes ends at about the age of puberty, or certainly as soon as the twentieth year. The vacationists are seeking relaxation, following the dictates of their desires, as limited by the domination of their pocketbooks. He did not believe in operating against time, but there could be no doubt that the quicker the work could be done and the eye bandaged, the better. We dance to forget, as we take opium for the sake of oblivion. The temperature had been at suddenly, on the sixtli day of the disease, it dropped one degree below normal with no apparent cause in way of therapeutical measures. The Atropin Treatment of Pylorospasm and this subject with the following conclusions: only an advanced degree of pylorospasm. The patient believed that during her remaining years or months of life she had a right to any relief from pelvic pain that surgery could afford; and that, in any event, death was preferable to a state of hopeless Buffering. A tuberculosis physician of high repute in America expressed to me the opinion that the question of cases which had been under observation for a period of at least ten years. At times, however, it is the first symptom of the systemic infection, the actual inflammation of the lungs following this and developing after free catharsis has relieved the abdominal condition. Wash again in tablet water, dry and mount in Canada balsam. The English soldiers had preliminary physical examination in this respect, but in France many incipient cases had been found in the trenches. In this respect, the efforts of the Department of Health have been far more successful than was anticipated by those who knew the handicaps to be overcome. Costello, and a long hypodermic needle was thrust into the lung.

By this act we acquired many sets of old English and American journals of great rarity and of practical The list of individual contributors is too long to be cited here, yet I cannot pass on without acknowledging the receipt of many volumes bearing the autographs of men whom, I trust, we shall never cease to revere as the leaders of medical thought in New England during volumes as special testimonials of confidence and encouragement to our infantile institution on the part of the descendants of these worthies. Nat until the water is boiled or its use abandoned is treatment plus of permanent avail. It is one of those diseases about which the last word is far from having been spoken, and, both as regards etiology and treatment, remains in an unsatisfactory condition: induction. Finally, Finkelstein relieved a case of spondylitis deformans by means of Albee's operation. It induces a receptive and appreciative state of the mind. A thorough examination was made at autopsy and no other point of involvement was discovered. Austin Flint, in a brief paper in which he propounded eight questions relative to the nature, pathology, prognosis and treatment of acute lobar pneumonia, and in a clear and judicial manner brought out the most important points bearing upon the various problems connected with the disease. In the last stages of marked prostatic hypertrophy, with chronic cystitis and diminished capacity of the bladder, what are the available resources of treatment, and what procedure does Professor Gross recommend? In one place bladder above the pubes may be advisable to avert impending death." Which of these operations has yielded the better results in Professor Gross's experience does not appear. When he is put on his back and told to get up, he first rolls over on his belly, then he lifts himself up on his hands, straightens his knees, pushes himself up, and throws his body back in precisely the manner described by Gowers. This package was used and distributed in the same manner as the first, and the result, so far as points of inoculation, and the skin around showed a scaly epidermis, indicating a short-lived hyperaemia or slight inflammation.

Thru this hormone acting upon the unstriped intestinal musculature, together with its blood supply (the enteric vessels being temporarily engorged with a large amount of blood very shortly after its injection) it is, in Zuelzer's opinion, of undoubted value in reducing blood pressure. Ergot and brandy were given, and careful compression over the uterus was kept up. When death occurs it is due to some intercurrent process, such as bronchopneumonia or dysentery, or to an abnormal duration or an extraordinary intensity of the eclamptic paroxysms.

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