Muscular tenderness, especially in the legs, alteration and impairment of sensation, pain, wasting and paresis of muscles, especially the extensors of the foot, leading to fookdrop, oedema, and loss of knee-jerk, may all occur and leave no doubt as to the existence of the lesions described begins and is best marked in the legs, affecting the extensors especially; but subsequently it spreads widely. This can be accomplished by the use of pillows, rings, or aJr-cushions. He was glad to get back to work, as inhalation of the vapour seemed to act as a stimulant and bring relief. On turning the head of the bone out of its socket, the ligamentum teres was found to have been torn from its insertion into the dimple of the head of the thigh bone. It is heated by gas, with variable oxidation. This latter symptom was pretty frequently present, but it was far from being invariably so.

If the patient jumps up at once and puts the muscles on the stretch, he can often break up the cramp. The same observation has been recorded in tab relation to the nerves arising from the medulla, the pneumogastric, the glosso-pharyngeal, and the hypoglossal; also the spinal accessory and the phrenic have been found to be the seat of ecchymosis and of localized apoplexies. These attacks have continued ever siuce.


Healing of the dysenteric ulcer is brought about by the growth of granulation tissue from the base and sides of the ulcer, and by the gradual investment of its surface by epithelial growth from the adjoining healthy mucous membrane. This form is common in the aged. I was now worn out by want of rest and food, was unable to work at my trade, was reduced to the most abject poverty, and resigned myself to my fate, seeking no further medical advice. (A) Ventral view of the laryn.x, trachea, and (B) Two lobules from the lung of a new-bom child, half diagrammatic and magnified twenty-five diameters (Knlliker). Laryngeal skeleton and eroding the cartilages; the roughened structures are constantly covered with the tenacious muco-purulent diseharges which come from the lungs, or are excited by the intense local irritation. The continued pressure of a substance as soft even as the texture of a stocking, is capable of greatly modifying the form of parts.

Sand or gravel is the best foundation on which to build, but even this is unhealthy if it exists in the form of a bed superimposed on a depression of clay, or as a thin covering of the rock Dampness of soil is now recognized as the prime factor in the production of pulmonary troubles, as well as a necessary attendant of malaria.

His and diligent in his profession, he openly declared the measures which he had taken to cure a disease, and candidly confesses, that of forty two patients which were entrusted to his care, only seventeen had recovered, and the rest had fallen a prey to the distemper, in spite of his medical method of giving a disguised nothing, a well dressed and innocent zero to the patient, allows full scope to the vis medicatrix natures.

The waters are taken internally, usually mixed with milk or whey, and are also used in the form of baths of various According to the analysis of Duflor, the composition of the Eugenquelle is as follows. Pain and local irritation are steadily augmented, and, in the unequal struggle for life, enough food not being taken at any one time to supply the demands of nature, the patient surely and steadily loses ground. Theories, to be sure, are but the butterflies of the day, and may generally be said to be at variance with correct experience and sound practice; yet, in some measure conformably with custom, and also in conformity with the new physiological doctrine and practice, we deem it not out of place to throw together a few theoretical hints upon fever and inflammation., Whether we regard fever as a disease of more universal prevalence than any other whatever, or as being the most prolific outlet to human life, it must be considered as claiming pre-eminent attention, both in a physiological and practical point of view. The periosteum in the right half of the larynx was evidently partjy pro infiltrated by the leuksemic and partly by a simple inflammatory process.

The effects of dynamite are a sensation as if the head would burst, difficult breathing, and momentary unconsciousness; symptoms which rapidly disappear on exposure of the patient in the open air. Spiffed up for the conference banquet (hd). The larger part of this, after undergoing various changes, is at last returned to the blood-current through the lymph-ducts; part of it, first elaborated in the specific cells of various glands, appears upon free surfaces in the form of secretions; part of it enters again into the inside of the vessels by endosmosis, when the chemical condition of the fluids inside and outside of the vessel-walls is favorable to that process, or, possibly, sometimes by force of external pressure, the pressure from without being greater than that within the vessels. When one adds calc strong, fuming nitric acid to the urine containing an iodide the iodine is freed, and is usually recognized by solution with a purplish color in chloroform.

So also a form of localised urticaria, or even a mild cellulitis lasting for one or two days, may arise from escape of fluid into subcutaneous tissue after puncture of a superficial cyst.

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