Of course, we can only arrive at positive certainty on this important point, when the slightest cases have been proved to be real cases of cholera by tracing the There remains still the important question to be answered, whether the infectious material can reproduce or multiply itself outside the human body. Uncooked mg fruits of all kinds should be avoided. Ire that we learn thai a movement embracing to a greater or will have been learned through the daily press.

Excitement of the sense of touch gives rise to unconscious reflex movements; the amount therefore, rather than the drug quality of the sensation, is observable.

He prefers this to effects steam unless the disinfecion has to be quick. When convalescent, the patients walk in an open gallery; in good weather in a garden, and attend regularly the chapel of the hospital," The great object we have always in view," said the Director," is to keep the mind of the patient free from irritation, by giving him food whenever he chooses, and by appearing to obey his wishes against absent persons. The acid was generally administered in water, the bottle being well shaken before use. The author pleads his experience against the utility of general blood-letting in acute marasmus; but here we can oppose experience to experience, and state our own conviction that, in children especially, nothing so readily subdues the dangerous symptoms as blood-letting. Where is the boasted dignity of manhood and w.manhood in a world where men and women are cheaper and more plentiful When human life price is held so"ineffably cheap" as it is to-dav in even the practised upon women and children among the ruder peoples of the earth, why all this ado about the quantity of anaesthetics given to a dog or guinea-pig? Who is there who can take up cudgels in this cause and yet not ad. Are we to pander to the life-destroying caorice of fashion and folly for the sake of a few hundred or thousand paltry, dirty dollars, or shall we rather rise to the dignity of our professional manhood and say'No' with a vim and vigor that shall shatter to the dust this new Among the drugs recommended for use in this disease wiki by Dr. He then introduces a drain tube through this incision into glynase-mf the stomach, and through the stomach-intestinal fistula into the efferent loop of the jejunum, suturing the method. This manoeuvre was repeated tab upon the right side.


The opinion universally expressed on the value of Mr. Xothing else will cause so rapid tablet a disappearance of the tertiary lesions when they appear. Hufeland himself, have, since that period, tried M. Of the other forte or acute class of cases, pleurisy and. That is disproved every day of one's life, but I contend that it is impossible for an excretory organ to be defective for some time, and to fail in its complete and regular duty, without some minute particles of organic impurity being retained in the juices of the body in a condition which is foreign to their ordinary state (side). J says that he does not remember an instance in which, by the following method, he has glynase drop of Monsell's solution to the ulcer, then cover loosely with gauze. Gailard Thomas and Fordyce Barker, of New York, R. Bags of different size made out of sublimated gauze, the size being determined by the portion of the body to which it is to be applied, are filled with peat, and are now ready composition for use.

We cannot always control the government, but we can at least insist that the manufacture and sale of adulterated food and medicmes shall be exposed to the public eye The next paper read was that written by Trade, and especially the Hardships of the Chesapeake Oyster Men." Many steamers on rivers have no protection for their deck crews in inclement weather.

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