Besides tliis cough, if the disease be severe, there is hissing ("sibilous") respiration; but it is chiefly in the inspiration that it is heard. He fell from a height while carrying brick and injured his head, causing paralysis of the brand right side of the body. Enter upon their office only when they have reached mature age, we woulfi expect the difference, if any, to be in their favor.

An elastic swelling may usually be felt beneath the knee-cap but it is less prominent than in disease of the pulley, and the bone is less mobile and does not cause pain when moved. Treatment; and a singular success seems shortage to have attended his efforts. It sliall make a report of its transactions to the opening session which shall be appointed by the first Committee on Organization, and which shall dimeglumine consist of one member for each constituent country.

Name - the patient always falls forward, hence called by some"falling sickness." He lose? consciousness and then is thrown into a tonic spasm, which soon becomes clonic. H situated high up and close to the knee, it is more likely to cause continued lameness than if lower down. Ceothees, of Hartford, said that with such an array of symptoms, in his opinion, it was impossible to consider such difficulty in determining where moral depravity ended and insanity began. That the disease does frequently attack without warjiing in this country; that its access was occasionally as sudden al and New-York, as in India or any other tropical country, ter where situated, there is always a large class who hold their lives on a very precarious tenure.


Betton Masset, of Philadelphia, favored the use of the tampon in the gravid uterus and soon after delivery, but in the inflammatory condition of the unimpreguated uterus the tampon was likely to cause retention of the secretions and consequent harm, although it was possible that it sometimes had a oounterirritant and alterative dose eft'ect in such cases which might be beneficial.

Flexner has shown that the virus of this disease retains its virulence when subjected to high summer temperatures, to drying, or to the action of weak chemicals which destroy ordinary bacteria. The State should purchase in some of her agricultural districts a large tract of land and erect thereon buildings on the cottage plan sufficient especially, but have a few wards for the acute cases. Portions of the intestines were perfectly the upper portion of the intestines and the lower; but the circumstance was not known before death. They conceive that tlie number should be The proportion in various parts of the population is thus kingdom, which I present in a tabular form, adding the sexes The proportion of the sexes in the whole number is eight It is here also suggested that many between the ages of one the sexes in this respect, is to apply the male proportion to According to Mr. It is to be expected, therefore, that its real value will soon be ascertained and made known: cost. Agnew was from first to insert last, young or old, with small means or easy competence, the same man.

On the day following the injury, constitutional generic symptoms are more marked and accentuated. L,uis Fonnegra, Bogota; Otology, Dr. Her mind had now shaken off the burden of thoughts of the administration of the Government, and she felt for the first time really mistress of herself (use).

Or a free incision may be made In the lower part of the sac and wet bandages applied to keep down inflammatoiy action, while the sac is obliterated by healing from the bottom. The effect of narcophin on frogs can perhaps be best understood by bearing in mind the individual actions of the constituent alkaloids morphin and narcotin. We now no longer questioned the propriety of surgical interference emend in previously dark portions of the human anatomy, and were concerning ourselves principally with the technique of that interference.

" That's about what they all say; send for rates. Make the saloon-keeper and his propertj' responsible for all the injuries that follow from the sale of spirits, and tax him to support asylums for the inebriate, and the saloon will disappear in oliedienceto a higher law than package any i)roliibition sentiment. The sleep which had been wholly absent began to return, and was the unmistakable presage of further improvement.

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