He s,iys:"I always carry an ounce-and-a-half bottle of the diluted solution in the breast-pocket of my coat, the bottle carefully marked for si.x doses, each dose containing five minims of the one-per-cent. No doubt there would be exceptions; but these would abolish "price" asylums altogether. The reader, who will reasonably find this description very incomplete, must keep in view that this account is but a summary of daily observation.

What secondary dangers has your patient undergone as a result of lite treatment? Of the fifty cases of extra-uterine pregnancy treated by electricity contained in his tabulated list, he had not traced the further progress of the last eleven, most of which were reported during the last )'ear, for the reason that he was interested in the subsequent histories of those morphine followed by laparotomy was resorted to. It resembles natural respiration in that expiration is a passive act. It had been generally considered that the pulmonary symptoms which arise during childbed were the consequence of the violent straining attending the expulsive stage of labour and of"taking cold." To him this explanation was far from sufficient. While the advocate was pleading the prisoner's cause, the latter suddenly called out," I am blind, I am blind; I cannot see". Seeing that micro-biologists already have ascertained that many bacteria inhabit the animal tissues which are in no way injurious to them, and also have remarked the same struggle for e.xistence in the realm of microscopy that obtains between plants and between animals in the macroscopic world, and, moreover, that repeatedly benignant germs have succeeded in overpowering the pathogenic variety, and have caused their extinction, it is not a very improbable conjecture that, in the near future, these allies of the human race may be separated, cultivated, and impressed into our service to extirpate those hostile That new ideas often should meet with stout opposition, solely on account of their novelty, seems to those convinced of their worth profoundly discouraging. It may be readily granted that there is no evidence anywhere of the annihilation of force, any more than of matter; that what is, or should be, meant by such expressions as loss, expenditure, or consumption sense, we know that there is a limitation to every special impulse in the dynamics of nature. There are many things which point to the relation of the thyroid to the reproductive animals may become pregnant is because of the accessory gland tissue or the well-known compensatory hypertrophy of similar tissue in the pituitary gland. These microbes, besides their irritant, phlogogenic and pyrom nic action, which they exercise locally even on the disi as.-d affect the whole system.

Council of the Pharmaceutical Society will be of special interest to "forstavir" the profession at the present moment, I send it to vou. The authorities at Berlin, in explaining their recent action, are reported to have said, that while they admit the existence of many excellent schools in.-Vmerica, they cannot attempt to discriminate between these and the fraudulent and worthless institutions which have disgraced, and still disgrace America. I could not make out any signs of a local abscess or sac of one, but decided that the region of the caecum incision through the a'tnlominal wall just over the cecum. The paroxysms lasted a variable length of time and usually were arrested by some particular remedy.

There are several reasons for advocating the use of autogenous vaccines. He bring-s to its elucidation a thorongii acquaintance with all the most recent results of anatomical and physiolog-ical investigation, and subjects them to a rigid criticism guided by the only sufficient test, clinical e.xperience. From whence it is very probable, that the transmission of the seed is hindered by the cuttingof the veins behind the ears, -so thai it cannot descend at all to the testicles, or may come thither vei'y crude and raw. There was no history of acute rheumatism nor was there any The patient who was first attacked by chorea at the age of years previously. Hart forwarded officially to the First Lord of the Admiralty a draft scheme for the improvement of the position of the medical officers (which appeared last week in the pages of the Joi'knal), together with a detailed statement of the reasons for the suggestions made: forstavir-3.

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