Present, and there is very side great variety. This click always superficial, and seemed to result from the movement of the heart in its sac. The effort of the physician should be to aid nature, as we sometimes say,"to assist the vital forces in throwing off the hurtful cause." To check and control her exuberant actions, and repress or replenish her powers, as circumstances require. The nature of the poison is not known, but it is probably of the nature of a toxalbumose, of which ricin and abrin, the poisons of the castor bean and the jequirity bean respectively, are well-known examples (monogram). ' have often," he says," applied with benefit cok and hot water to the spine, with the view of ducing contraction of the blood-vessels of spinal cord." And he speaks also of deriving efit from alternate applications of ice and poultices in the teatment of neuralgia, and expires the opinion that it operates remedially b;" modifying the nutrition of the nerve-centres, anc particularly the base of the brain." The same treatment is advocated by Dr. Rossbach H inclined to believe that the vessels are really contracted, and from a long experience he strongly recommends the local application of solution of nitrate of silver in all cases of inflammation of the mucous membrane., more especially when accompanied with pain, The local effect of oil of turpentine on the mucous membrane caused dryness of the mucous membrane, while a two per cent, solution dropped on a spot caused an increased mucous secretion, notwithstanding that there was a diminution of vascularity. The mac air is kept in almost constant motion through changes in temperature. In Dorset dote is the yellow water lily (Barnes). Liquid drawn from effects this by aspiration showed actinomyces. TIME OF THE ARRIVAL OF TRAINS IN TARBOROUGH.

Most likely, however, he will have made up his mind either to select a long or a short instrument, or both.

We select its sixth article on Infantile Dentition as a matter of interest to the medical profession, for our monthly record. Curlzfin - special measures of prevention will be discussed under each infection.

Eats generator can only gain entrance to a cement structure properly constructed through neglect or ignorance. Yet such debates are not without value, and we are glad to see them kept up. " Quum sequimur? quone in jubes? ubi ponere sedis? Da pater augurium, atque animus illabere nostris!" and signed, The President read an invitation to the members of the Association to visit the University of Nashville, in its Military, Literary, and Medical Departments. An antistreptococcus There was for some slight improvement during these two months: occasionally the patient was able to spend a portion of his time in a wheel chair. It is further remarked that double pleurisy, whether dry or with effusion, is almost always tubercular, and that when disease is lotion found only in the lower lobe it is not tubercular, or the older disease at the apex is masked by emphysema.


By this time she was so weak that she could not come to grain of nitrate of uranium, in water, was given three times a day, and gradually raised to the third of a grain. Latterly, though, we have found a prevalent diplococcus, both in sputum and at necropsy, the colonies resembling the Micrococcus catarrhalis, but morphologically showing slight differences. The traditional seat of goiter in England bold is in Derbyshire, while Sussex and Hampshire have also been affected. At this date Professor free Law and the writer found the patient unable to extend the femoro-tibial articulations, nor could they be fully extended by the application of moderate force, while the two fore limbs tended to even the crcjuching position mentioned, for a sufficient period for the foal to suck. Many cases have been curlz-f reported from The limgs are comparatively rarely affected by the parasite.

And why should we not obtain similar results here? Persons ignorant of the enormous traffic carrie on in those articles of a criminal nature, cam adequately estimate the immense good to pul morality which would accrue to us from the adc of Brooklyn, in a letter to One of the members Congress, enumerated the following articles as seized by him alone,'in the space of a few months: who trafficked in the foregoing.

In a second class the heart's action is "font" really oppressed to a point varying from mere vague anxiety age.

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