Any examining physician may be sworn as a witness at the instance of any party to the action or proceeding. I "tablet" thought, however, that I must either have ruptured the plantaris or broken the fibula. Bell, assistant-surgeon to the hospital, to relieve the distended bladder by the aspirator. She had been delivered spontaneously of a full-term infant in her first pregnancy, and her past medical history included asthma from the and albumin were negative.

Assisted by Frank Woodbury, M.D., Fellow of the College of Physicians; Honorary Professor of Clinical duffel Medicine in the Medico- Chirurgical Hospital, etc. The fioodings had plus disappeared without any treatment at the end of six months, and she entered the hospital on account of persistence of the pain.

Like the stars we must go on, unhasting, unresting, always at work." There is one word that is directly responsible for all the advances in medicine during the past centuries. Soon after it is drawn, the serum, wdiich is obtained from horses properly injected with streptococci, loses the larger part of it? opsonic pow'er as determined outside the body. It is wise to have such ramen experiences in mind when seeking for the source of doubtful cases where impure intercourse is absolutely denied. An oily matter, contained in the liuman brain, chiefiy in combination with soda. Its basis is of, vas, a vessel).

See Caput suecedaneum, in which the eff'usion is external to the pericranium. The board answered said writ, and thereafter, by leave of court, filed an amended answer. Infant otherwise in good condition. It must be admitted, however, that it was Kiissmaul who first systematized this practice and gave it a definite place among the resources of our profession. Arsenous acid,"white arsenic,"known to Geber. Even the so-called para-syphilitic epilepsy of Fournier, which was considered a pure dynamic epilepsy from the toxins of syphilis, is probably always associated It is on this basis that epilepsy is considered as practically always symptomatic of some organic lesion or cellular change in the cerebral cortex.


The former may subside; the latter destroys. General discussions of nutrition, metabolism, germination, and dietetics precede the detailed discussion of diseases of systems and symptomatic groups. It always dilutes and cools the blood, and lessens its stimulating quality: here, moreover, it is a useful diluent and stimulus to the bladder and skin: the two most active means of throwing out the noxious salts, always more or less retained in fever; of this we shall speak at length hereafter, when treating on the different fevers. Another name for intermittent fever or ague, Paludism. Mix in a pint of lukewarm water and give as a drench every two hours until the animal is nv relieved of the thumping noise. Who was brought into the hospital in a state of fever, and died on the following day before any exact diagnosis was arrived dsdplus at. Noclis, night, amhulare, to walk). No one can doubt that much of the dyspepsia of the affluent classes in this country is due to indescreet mixing of liquors a practice which night, after a hard day's travel, I know nothing more suitable than good beef-tea, if it can be had; and, by the aid of prepared extracts of meat, this now quite within the reach of travellers in the most outlandish quarters. For the courts will not enter upon an inquiry into the validity of a law which invades no right of person or property of the party who invites the inquiry.

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