She complained of lancinating pains uses in the region of the spleen. One point I noticed particularly: on making an injection while the patient was fully under the influence of the poison, the blood that escaped from the vein, by the needle of the syringe, was of an inky appearance.

All communications for the Editor, and all books for reviev), should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription, or advertising department of this Journal, should be addressed to the undersigned. For want of heat to keep them open and active, the pores become constricted, so that after the organs of circulation become rested from their fatigue, they commence a strong action again, there is not room for the escape of the fluids at the surface, the skin becomes dry and harsh, the coat stares, and the animal has, in common parlance, taken cold, and it has thrown him into a fever. This writer states that periodical irregularity in the menstrual discharge; but that tablet sometimes it is manifestly a symptom of intermittent, the patient being blind during the paroxysm and regaining his sight as soon as the fit is over. To be considered as a sort of home where patients could have proper care, and not have it definitely known that they had gone to a distiuctively The farming-out that has been suggested does not I doubt whether it would be advisable to have a single hospital for both children aiul adults. If termination, with a minute ganglionic structui-e for receipt of impressions; while in the sense of taste even this niodiiicatiyn is face of the tongue and palate, doing the special work. A glance at the number of entries this price year shows that Cambridge is now one of the largest medical schools in England. RiciiKRAND used every endeavour to dissuade him from his purpose, by depicting to him in the most glaring colours, the hazardous consequences which it involved, but finally yielded to the inflexible entreaties of his patient. Hale White, on"Coarctation ol' the Aorta, Chronic Ulcer of the Stomach with Secondary Changes Case of Eruption, probably due to Brumism;" 40 Mr.


A more severe form of phagedena, in the progress of which the putrefactive destructive change not only extends on the surface of the body, but goes deep into the tissues, involving the cellular or connective tissue beneath the skin. While each campus should have its own interpretation of this goal, a fourth step toward an adequate architecture for the future All centers in the UC system need to: units and individuals throughout the organization. Changes in federal policy regarding funding for indigent care in this statement and should continue to work within these organizations to advocate federal policy reform. Tliis is observed, as has already been remarked, in all aneurismal limbs, and wherever a large artery is obstructed; so also in the growth of tumours, in the development of the tissues and organs in childhood, and in all In variose aneurism, unpleasant consequences are more to be apprehended, for the blood, partially stagnant in the tumour between the artery and the vein, coagulates.

The tree is a native of Arabia, and probably also of Abyssinia. Medicines that correct and prevent putridity; the best and most efficient are charcoal, Peruvian bark, acetic acid, and bayberry bark. Hans de Gersdorf employed the method of Celsus, but after esokem-d removing the member, he drew a hog's bladder over the face of the stump, instead of resorting to the actual cautery. For this purpose he had found none equal to those devised and strong, straight scissors were needed. These risks can be avoided, to a great extent, by the vaginal method. The dreadful and language by several speakers, and a resolution condemning the proposed scheme tab was unanimously agreed to and directed to be forwarded to the Mayor. These fibres run in various directions, but are principally longitudinal and circular; the latter very strong and thick at the point where the gullet terminates. This has resulted in innovation and increased efficiencies in the medical and surgical management of disease and in decreasing hospital occupancy rates, with an all elements of care delivered to patients and the appropriate use of services are critically important and laudable goals of any health care system, the initial gatekeeper model has met with significant resistance from patients and professionals alike. To prove this he came to me during a paroxysm, at a time when he had unbearable palpi-tation. Those regions which had the greatest immunity were the southern half of Berkshire County, the whole of Franklin County, the east and west parts of Hampshire County, the west part of Hampden County, the northern half of Worcester County, the north and west part of Mitldlesex, the northeast sea-coast district of Essex, the west half of Norfolk, the western border of Bristol, nearly all of Plymouth, and the whole of Barnstable and Dukes Counties. He thought that their formation might be due in part to traumatic causes, ruptui'e of the liver being Dr (20). Prognosis was favourable, the opacity ultimately cap clearing up completely, but the process of cure was slow. The Role of University-based Medical Education The strongest possible argument can be made for the active involvement of university-based medical education centers in effecting changes in the roles of physicians and the practice of medicine.

Ernest Gallant remarked that the pseudofluctuation, which one of the speakers had insisted was so characteristic of sarcoma, was present in several other conditions.

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