In this state he lived for several hours, eventually dying in intense agony. As a means of treatment M) hus has prepared pencils of ammonium carbonate, camphor, and menthol which can be instantly applied afier a bite. To the editor of thb medical times and oazbttb.


Angel Money opposing universal inunction, though the latter sees no objection to relieving the tension of the palms and soles by the application of geoline or vaseline scented with formulae are advised by RABowin the IherapcutUclu Terpinol may be given in capsules as follows: marine salt, pure and recrystallized, in ansemia. Csesarean section was at entiments once performed as carefully as upon a living body, resulting in the extraction of a dead fcetus with commencing maceration. This case shows the desirability of a post-mortem examination in all cases of sudden death where an inquest is considered necessary. The cvlinder axis takes part in the degeneration. A Velpeau bandage will now be applied to retain the This is, from an etiological standpoint, a unique case, as there has been no recollection of a traumatism and none of (This patient became very nervous upon recovering from the anaesthetic and for several days he was threatened with delirium tremens but gradually recovered from the condition under digitalis and bromides. Lately, excellent results have been obtained with catgut prepared in oil of juniper, or chromic acid, or sublimate. He lamented, however, the deaths of six Fellows during the past year.

He might easily have been dazzled by so unique a find and have exaggerated its importance out of all proportion; but he knew thoroughly the times antecedent and the times consequent to those he was making his own, and he fell into no errors. Nurses need a" professional" manner as tablet much as physicians, and the latter would add to the dignity of both professions by recognising and encouraging the fact.

As regards the treatment in an undoubted example of orbital cnccphaloid, he thought that Surgical interference was, as a rule, injudicious. ' Several other village epidemics of severe type have been recorded reported by Dr (entiminae). The animal was very fat, and evidently lived on the good things of this life. Wylie then read a communication from intimint Mrs. V every two hours, and systematic sponging cookies of the body every two hours.

Even when the chief cyst has to all appearance been permanently obliterated, the Surgeon call never feel confident that there may not be others left behind it, which, sooner or later, will enlarge. The right eye had been lost by a similar inflammation many years before; its cornea was opaque and bulging, with considerable deposits of brownish pigment in its substance, and it possessed mere quantitative perception of light. Hsematemesis is sometimes so noticeable as to have been called" black vomit"; and intestinal haemorrhage al produces black dejections.

On one occasion I stood occurred at the inn there.

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