On restricted diet there was marked adequate diet attained without difficulty: ad. The pharynx shows engorgement of the tonsillar regions in most cases. Like ordinary beef-tea hencet or flesh broth they have small nutritive value as compared with the meat from which they are made, but they present for the use of sick persons the stimulant constituents of flesh in a very convenient form, readily available on emergency. The second and last phalanges of the three smaller fingers were altogether wanting in the left hand, while the first were reduced to conical stumps, covered with skin, and deficient in any semblance of a nail. But an act like tablet this, paltry and discreditable though it be, defeats the very object sought to be gained, since thereby neither competency nor inefliciency can be determined.

The museum has received considerable additions during the past year, and an excellent "enced" series of comparative anatomy specimens has just been completed. After the reading of the minutes, the following gentlemen were ballotted for and declared duly elected members of the society:r: encet. It is said to open obstructions of the viscera, and is good in hysteric disorders. The oil of this plant, if snuff'ed up the nose purges the head of phlegm, and is good in old and cold pains of the joints, liver, and spleen, also cold diseases of the nerves and brain, the head-ache, and pains in the side.


There is a notable and refreshing absence of excessive refinement in classification, which, with most minds, tends to confusion. The other case of There was that of a needlewoman, who, ever since an attack of typhus, Avhich she experienced when eleven years old, had been melancholy and depressed.

In the worst cases the patient lapses into profound insensibility, which continues until death. His examination was entirely negative except for his left hip which presented complete extension and adduction. They insert in a puncture in the arm a minute quantity of fresh variolous matter taken from a patient; into the same puncture they insert a little fresh cream from cow's milk, then apply some more cream over the puncture, and let it dry. Haller and others have supposed, and LXXXVI I.

It is really becoming a very painful sight to see the number of young men who are sent out by di their doctors who know absolutely nothing of this country and conditions. The virtues thereof are as follows. Strips of oiled lint are then packed around the tube, extending as Car as possible into the bowel. As a result of this distention of the abdomen the intra-abdominal pressure will naturally be much diminished, and thus allow of much generally associated with'the prominent abdomen, has been frequently looked upon as the cause instead of the effect.

The young man was placed under close observation, and directed to examine himself very frequently. On the microscopic elide, and might be expected to do this when the The experiment was made; and it was found that acetic acid, though in healthy tissues it causes severe smarting and burning, unless very strong, gives little pain when thrown into malignant structure; on the other hand, it acts energetically on cancer, but has comparatively little Dr.

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