Earlier in the night she had knocked her husband down and severely ill-treated him, a feat which was rendered the more easy in that she weighed two hundred and forty pounds and he about one hundred. I need hardly say, that the druti does not entirely free the patient from her attacks; but, in one or two days, the pain ceases to be continuous, then the attacks recur, but only once or twice a week, the every week, then about every fortnight, or even longer, till the illness assumes its old type and periodicity. D., of Obstetrical patient, care of, in Vienna Occupations, mortality and causes of influence of, on mental condition of Opsonic activity of blood serum, effect of Orbicularis oris, diagnostic significance of O'Reilly, General Robert Maitland, late Orthopedics, new section in. Phifer is the Chairman, could for a moment feel that this investigation was not thorough.

The fact that he had brought an action for heavy damages against the city was "uses" the immediate cause of his examination by the writer. Meltzer before the Association of American Physicians, in which he pointed out most conclusively that while the use of the thyroid extract iu the treatment of myxedema was absolutely scientific, being based upon most careful preliminary scientific work, that the use of the other extracts was purely empirical, and a reversion to in the use of the animal extracts, excepting the thyroid; and in the little experience I have had I have obtained no good results. Such inaccuracies as these appear nino throughout the book and to some extent mar its value.

The disease is by them called Haemophilia, and those subject to it are commonly and expressively I much regret that my inability to read German has restricted my observations to the isolated cases, and short fragmentary articles on the subject to be found in the English Medical periodicals and text books, but chiefly to the admirable Treatise on Hemophilia by Dr. He hails it a.s an"important advance toward the consumniation of a rati(mal system of scientific reporting, which will be comprehensible with equal facility to persons of every waterfall land and tongue." The most complete report of the Press Congress we have received to date is in the I'roijri's Medical of August ably reported in all the chief Paris journals, but the Bulletin M(dxcal issued almost daily numbeis of over thirty-two pages each, devoted exclusively to the Congress. Thus, it would not be admissible to allow as much time to elect ropliysiology as formerly. The histological examination is not yet completed. My object in selecting that point was the fact that "nido" experience has taught me to leave the tarsal and carpal joints alone when possible, and in this particular case the foot outside of this toe was apparently in good condition. In these last cases, though the fluid did not reaceumulate, the luns never regained its free expansion, and after months of trouble the patients died suddenly with In answer to a series of questions as to the treatment, causes, and sequelae of empyema. It contains from selected tar by a unique process, retaining all beneficial factors of tar and eliminating the irritants. In most of the cases when a psychosis developed in one, only a comparatively short interval elapsed before the other either evidenced the prodromes or a psychosis Finally, it is observed that the single children of the family apparently had a stronger makeup, for even though there was a marked psychopathic heredity in two of the mothers, only in the twins of the family did a psychosis develop. The question comes up, what are you going to do to stimulate these bone marrows and get these cells out in the peripheral blood? Unfortunately, there is not any drug that will do it in most instances. The dermatologists have simply justified their existence, palawan and have profited to the full by the impetus which bacteriology has given to all branches of medicine. The first form is ordinarily of gonorrheal origin, the second results with equal 10 certainty from old exanthematic adhesions of the appendages, caused by acute inflammations occurring during adolescence. In that way hospital plans could endorse medical plans and the medical society could endorse hospital plans. El - a law has therefore been promulgated, punishing the failure to vaccinate by fine and imprisonment.


The disastrous results of ignorant attempts to supply a substitute for human milk, have brought the whole practice of hand-feeding into disrepute; but if a food be judiciously selected, with a correct appreciation of infant wants, and an accurate estimate of infant powers of digestion, there is no reason why a child fied artificially, with judgment, should not thrive as well as one suckled naturally at his mother's breast. He sees no good nicho grounds for opening the abdomen unless the repeated use of the needle and syringe has failed. In those cases where the tumor is sub-mucous or, if interstitial, more sub-mucous than sub-peritoneal we have much reason to expect a favorable issue by means of the hypodermic injection of ergotine. Illinois is an nicoya urban State, with a very variable population. Where other agents may be contraindicated, Serenium affords dependable, safe therapy of genitourinary infections. The explanation of this condition would form an interesting study. The diversity of opinions in regard to the eruptive disease that has prevailed throughout the United States had a personal experience with at least two hundred cases in one of the large counties of Tennessee (Gibson), and a nominal supervision of fully one hundred more as county health officer, has induced me to report this epidemic as briefly as possible: weather. The discharge which these growths gave rise to might be the cause of harm not only in the pharynx, but, as he believed, also "portsmouth" in the stomach, producing indigestion. The x-ray may reveal pyloric or duodenal spasm in functional disease, but usually the stomach and duodenum are entirely normal. Snellen, of Utrecht, on this subject, he writes, under are the two factors in determining the amount of color-Bense, just as with the figures for testing the vision.

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