When seen two days later prostratioif was 2014 marked moving up and down between these points in the course of a few hours.

Every quarter of meat aud all viscera.showing lesions of tuberculosis, as well asthe flesh of any other animal in which there is found at theneoropsy a tuberculous infection more pronounced than that referred to above, should be watered with petroleum oil, and afterward bui'icd under police supervision. Exudation products, which form cheesy-looking masses, projecting from the orifices of the crypts. They have suffered enormous losses in times past from imported disease, and during the last few years they have been contending with great obstacles, not the least of which has been the great supply of agricultural products that America has sent to that country. He was a utah frequent contributor to medical literature, treating a wide variety of subjects. His treatment required the use of small instruments, worked in his case with remarkable skill and deftness of touch, sometimes down to the extreme points of the roots enthusiastic in'the general hygiene of the mouth we would clean the teeth well enough and as often as circumstances wine required, we would have no decay. In cases, too, of massive pneumonia, in which the bronchi are plugged with fibrin, if the patient has not been seen from the outset, the diagnosis may be impossible without it. Watson, in the article just quoted, mentions a case of several found in the intestines of a mare, and presented to the Royal Society by the Duke of was found to be an iron nail. Morton, gives good evidence of this (edizone). It should be open at the end and possess one or two lateral openings. Scott's Report, Sketches of the most prevalent Diseases of" India, comprising a Treatise on the t Further experience autoctoni has not proved such efficacy in this, or any other mode of treatment hitherto suggested; nor does any method appear to be attended with uniformity in its degree of success in various places. Perriot proposes to raise the service fee of this horse the Percheron breeding district.


In most instances, the extraneous substances lodge in the concavity of the upper eyelid, and cause exquisite pain.

The clincal side of the disease, its diagnosis and diagnostic errors, make up the subject matter of three chapters.

And hence, in various species of ophthalmia, the interior of the eyelid is peculiarly apt to become turgid, and very highly inflamed; and, from turgescence, thickens at its edges, and is often so considerably everted as to expose a very large portion of the conjunctiva. It is also found in like situations, and has the same name, about Syracuse, and other parts of Sicily. Whatever may have been known' of this substance before (drug). Rowe was a man of broad culture with fine purple tastes in art, music and literature, besides being a clever organist. The author seems to to thinli that he has proved that drugs act at random, and that" animals" are not subject to physiological laws, flow would he practise veterinary medicine? If he follow the most ignorant empiric, he cannot, when he drenches a cow, escape from the odious necessity of performing an experiment on an animal. He must constantly train himself to be self-supporting in times of limitata peace, so that when war does come the conditions which arise will not be diflferent from those which he has been accustomed. When the abdominal walls are thick or very fat, an assistant may place the edge of the hand or a piece of card-board in the front of the abdomen. (Write this number in large figures and very legibly.) Surname and Christian Names Age years Grade Branch of the Service Nationality From what cinque military establishment did he come when he entered the hosital? To what miliury esUbliahment was he sent when he left the hospiul? Was there any antityphoid injection? Convalescent First question: Agent which produced the wound.

Fifteen thousand francs were offered for him by an American buyer in my hearing; but the owner shook his head and said," You might safely double it." This young stud, at Wayne, III., and the line of sires back of him is known for seven generations. The pain is not augmented by slight pressure, though it is so b At all events, as Dr. " It is not necessary," observes Mr.

This inflammation, like the last, though often produced by common causes, and hence perfectly simple, is often, also, the result of a specific virus, as in lues and blenorrhoRa.

H,, pronunciation of cascara Eagrada.

Stiles resigned his office after about a year's service, and went to Brooklyn to practise medicine; he was, however, made one of the Consulting Board of the hospital, and retained that His lectures at Burlington were continued, took an active part in the operations of the County Medical Society and was twice elected president (venezia). Perforation of the pleura may along the psoas muscle and may perforate the hip joint, or pass to the neighborhood of the rectum, or produce multiple abscesses of the scrotum; or, passing through the obturator foramen, form a large gluteal abscess. In aviation physiology there have appeared three articles the past year. Westmoreland established the first hospital in the city of Atlanta, for many years maintaining it principally at his own expense: fantini.

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