The Archivos de Neurologia, Psychiatria e Medicina Legal will treat principally of psychiatry and medicolegal questions. They should accustom themselves to go about without glasses, and also hold every thing as far from the eye as they possibly can with distinct vision. Stark also uses the remedy as a prophylactic in conditions in which consumption seems to be threatened.

Measles hindi comes first as a predisposing cause, then whooping cough, scarlet fever, and pneumonia. Air gets into the lung on the affected side and expands it to its full capacity, in spite of an opening in the pleural cavity, however free and unobstructed. The advantages of this position are the removal of the danger of aspiration; the ease with which the field of vision can be kept clean; the doing away with the necessity of sponging and pumping; the fact that the examination can be continued for some time; the facility with which the landmarks are made out and the esophagoscope can be introduced and kept in place; the rendering of any assistance superfluous, the easy access to aflfections of the posterior wall, and, price finally, the convenience of tl-.e patient.

Each patient was side isolated and strict isolation technique observed. By these means the disfigurement may be almost if not entirely removed within twenty-four hours, or even sooner, after the subsidence of the swelling. They are self-contained and portable, requiring neither external heat nor special equipment.

When this came down and became tumefied, his evacuation ceased and the distress was great. That antitoxins and alexins are not identical has been beautifully shown by Behring, when he demonstrated that the strongest diphtheria antitoxic serum, of which the smallest part of a drop suffices to neutralize what is otherwise a poisonous dose of a culture of the diphtheria bacillus, this same serum is a very good culture medium for In the third place, if the blood serum of an animal protected against a certain organism is injected, together with a virulent culture of the organism in question, into the peritoneal cavity of a normal animal, and at intervals the peritoneal fiuid be examined under the microscope, the bacteria are found to undergo rapid degenerative changes. The sinews of a vulture's leg and toes tied on with due regard to the right going to the right, and the left to the left, were commended use of old for gout.J Qottenrtelt der Deutschen und Nordischen Vdlker, cited in Kelly, Curiosities protect her child from fairies the Scotch mother leaves an open Bible beside it, when she is Oblig ed to go" from the room where it is. PROLONGED ACID NEUTRALIZATION -s important in the treatment of the necessity is of between meal feedings and insures the comfort of the patient, Put your next patient on CA-MA.Available at all pharmacies or throug CA-MA-SIL is a preparation having as its chief ingredient a new and specially developed magnesium silicate, with a molecular ratio of magnesia to silica' terial was found to be therapeutically superior to any employed in the treatment of peptic ulcer.

Wahlquist has been an enthusiastic worker in voluntary health organizations.

The entrance requirements are two years of university work, which must include one year each of physics, general chemistry, qualitative analyses, zoology used or botany, and French or German, all in addition to a four-year high school course, including two years of Latin. Before I answer this question, I would remark, that" prevention is better than cure." But how shall we guard against an evil in which every one is more of less involved? Certainly not by shutting ourselves up in a confined atmosphere. Some ten years ago in charging a prisoner guilty of abortion,"You are charged under an act that was passed defective women or girls become dosage pregnant either by another mental defective or by a normal man. And if the congregation had had a little less gastric derangement, they would have heard a good deal more, But if the wood-sawyer happens to be a dyspeptic, though I never saw such an one, when anything disturbs or frets him, he can saw on the harder, and make the splinters fly the faster.

The sequel to this two Hat pieces of tibia covered by th Note central necrosis in one graft and hold the bones apart than to unite ihcm. It was in removed at the operation on account of the findings before operation and the apparently localized focus. Whether this exjilanation is accepted or not. But a beggar woman coming to the door, and hearing of it, said that if they would cut off the hind leg, and the foreleg on the contrary side of that, of a toad, and she wear them in a silken bag about her neck, it would certainly cure her; but it was to be observed that, on the toad's losing its legs, it was to be turned loose abroad, and as it pined, wasted and died, the distemper would likewise waste and die; which happened accordingly, for the girl was entirely cured by it, never having had the evil afterwards: effects. A previous action of the department revoking his license had been set aside by the court after the case had been carried to the supreme court of the state: for. Schott uses a common baby scale connected with a rod bearing a pressure button upon one extremity; he thus reads ofT the amount of pressure applied from the register on the scale: dsr. Half a year later his uncle stated there had been no recurrence of the mouth-breathing or catarrhal secretion, but that the tendency to crusting still existed, though, in a lessened degree. One quart of milk is found by analysis to contain about the six-millionth of a grain of iron; a child fed on milk receives each time one pantocid milligram of iron in a half-pint of milk, which is only the fourth part of the above minute fraction of one part of a grain of iron. The orbital, the infra-orbital, and the anterior and posterior ethmoid nerves can be blocked and the over-lying nasal tissue can be infiltrated. Favus being rare in this country, this complication is not capsule often observed.


Thirty-nine were from Washington, six from Idaho, four from California and two from Montana. This decrease was not always lasting the permanent decrease in size after a more or less prolonged treatment was often unmistakable. There was a difference of opinion as to whether the case was one.reported a case of hemiplegia exhibiting extensive subscriptions to this fund, the Prince of Wales says that, the Queen having no wish to express a preference for any one of the many proposals suggested for commemorating the sixtieth year of her reign, he feels at liberty to bring to the notice of the inhabitants of London a project which lies very near his heart," its object being to attach the sentiment of gratitude for the blessings which the country has enjoyed for the last sixty years to a scheme of permanent beneficence." He proposes therefore to invite subscriptions of one shilling per annum and upward from all classes for" the Prince of Wales' Hospital Fund for London, to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen's reign." The amount which it is hoped to raise each seek subscriptions not only from individuals but also from railway and other corporations, owners of land, and all other large employers of labor.

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