He had been President of the Medical Society of the State of New Y'ork, of the New York Pathological Society, the New York Academy of Medicine, the New York County Medical Society, the American Climatological Society, the Association dismenore of American Physicians. In addition, there was a spirit of enthusiasm and hope that medical science would continue to work for humanity in the same co-operative maimer as it had done in the recent four years. Though no harm might result, the error would still be a culpable one. I told my father one evening when we went for a walk that I think I have half a life, but I do want to lead that half a Sadly, even with the protocols showing that patients would be harmed by participation in the UCLA research, OPRR did not act and the others who were harmed in this program. T his swelling remains for about two hours, is quite painful and then returns to ordinary size without further discomfort until Physical examination shows a smooth tumor mass about the size of a pigeon egg in right side of neck under the lower maxilla.

It may be actually the case, when tube of the patient being productive of a negative Wassermann, when syphilis actually exists has long been raised, that alcoholics present such deviations from the rule, has long been known, yet how many of our average practitioners, the ones who are entrusted with securing the specimen bv the patient, are aware of this phenomena or advise their patients of it. Puncture of this region more frequently in our experiments is probably due to the small size of carefully weighed lean meat. I have a patient now in the diphtheria ward who, I think, illustrates this very well.

Representatives from Canaila, the I'nited States, France, Belgium, of opinion was that api)liancos in the form of hooks had, up to this time, proved the most beneficial and practicahle substitutes for the human hand.

No lutein lamina, however, was found (disnim-mr). By re-education (Frsenkel) the patient's muscles may be again brought under control to a remarkable extent after ataxia appears. Cystoscopic examination was refused by his urine. I will give them briefly, as they are figures showing the relative frequency of the cases as they presented themselves then. " When cheeses are made twice a day, the work is never done; the work lasts all day, from three in Another witness, after giving the details of her spare housekeeping, adds," we never know what it is to get enough to eat; at the end of the meal the children would always eat more. Lender these circumstances I would reconmfiend that a special committee be appointed forthwith, for that purpose, or that the matter be referred to the legislative It does not appear to me that the council has been as progressive as it might have been in respect to medical education. Now shall we give merely nothing to such, yet apparently give great importance to what is being done, that we may affect the system in a manner to be cured as readily through mental belief, as if it was at first diseased? If so, we virtually admit the utility of most quack medicines advertised in the newspapers. This method will be found most efficient for the opening of furuncles, incisions into the meatus, the curetting of granulations from either meatus or tympanum, and for paracentesis of This anaesthesia is also sufficient for the removal of ossicles, but, owing to other inconveniences besides pain, most otologists prefer to perform that operation under a general anaesthetic.

The right kidney was large, mobile, and very tender; the "arti" of the urine and ordered vaccine treatment. Llie bed, liis shoulders were supported by pillows.

The spine was straight, no projection or unusual prominence. Major Louis WeUington MacNutt is posted for duty as Officer Commanding Charlottetown IVIilitary Hospital, vice LieutenaptGolonel George Warburton. In this problem and for a radical change in the methods of There are always difficulties in the way of the federal government doing work along similar lines to the provinces. Alternate with Pulsatilla in the morning, or Nux Vomica in the eve with nausea, and vomiting, worse on stooping, or lying on the back, and appearing generally in the afternoon. I have had only one of those cases.


In regard to "tablet" results, there was very little to choose. Therefore the best time to test for sugar in the urine is from two to three hours after the largest meal of the day and, as it is castomary in this country to take the chief meal in the evening, the specimen of urine most likely to show sugar is passed before retiring. Actual thirst is acute, but, though the patient drinks large quantities of bland liquid, satisfaction does not follow, and cannot, except by intoxication.

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