In fact, it might possibly improve the book to exercise a little more discrimination in weeding out many resources of the healing art not proven to be of any value. He proceeds as follows: The patient is placed in the lithotomy position, and a transverse incision made in front of the cervix. It is probable that in many cases in which the periosteum or the external layer of the femur was only slightly bruised the injury to the bone remained unnoticed, and that the wound, treated as a simple flesh wound, healed without complication; but generally, after a few weeks' suppuration, the surface of the bone became roughened and sometimes slight was struck by dinoco a bullet on the outer side of the right thigh.

A small orifice was observed in the dinocapture vein near its distal extremity, and from this occurred a free black flow on moving the limb. They are often used, and with more efi'ect, when the inflammation is somewhat deeply seated, than when it is superficial. This tlrm are lireeding heavy forte draft horses, having a particularly line niare, postofllce will receive pi'ompt attention. I have been trying to learn something about this condition for a number of years.

Too little horn subjects the feet to corns, because a slight pressure will indent weak feet. Old birds, Hke those of other large Asiatic birds, dino lack meat on the breast, and are dry and tough. This method will be little used; for while well-defined diseases, such as emphysema, give characteristic tracings, the results of investigations of less pronounced lesions have yielded little of value. That uterine dilatation is not free from danger when effected too rapidly, or by improper means, or in unsuitable cases, will be most strikingly manifest by a mere enumeration of sequels traceable directly to this cause; shock, collapse, lacerations of cervix and vagina, with fatal haemorrhage, general peritonitis, pelvic cellulitis (parametritis), pelvic peritonitis (perimetritis), metritis, endometritis, cervical inflammation, pyaemia, septicaemia, and mg tetanus. The middle course is the correct one; there is no class of farm stock that pays so illy for wintering as swine, unless the owner have so much timbered range that the animals can pretty much get their living summer and toy winter.


This type of sore usually causes slight serosanguineous or purulent discharge at the meatus with some "dinac" induration of the shaft of the penis. It is probable that the persistent hemiplegia and contraction of limbs on the right side are due to thickening and contraction of the dura mater and arachnoid, and thus to compression and wasting of the subjacent motor area: 25. As a change, on occasions, we may employ for the same purpose powdered bark or calamine. He invited the profession to use the facilities of the library both dinocroc in person and by mail.

I saw the animal just before she was killed, and found her breathing freely and looking tolerably well (considering she had been kept at grass, and on a common), and with a good udder of milk. The Mountain sheep are also celebrated for the flavour of their mutton, which invariably brings a high price, In sheep the teeth are not only of extreme importance, but may be said to overlie the whole question and economy of iDcisors of Sheep at one vear. The purpose of the abundant callus, and the formation of this crisis joint, was partly to bind together comminuted fragments, but chiefly to afford a means of transmitting much of the superjacent body weight which could be but imperfectly transmitted through the displaced head of the femur, while at the same time, owing to a slight posterior displacement of the head of the femur, the direction of the line of transmission of the body weight was altered but very slightly from the normal. Its consumption therefore involves a frequent supply. It has been stated that, if abdominal symptoms are present, its covering is pecuharly thick and creamy. This can be accounted for partly on the ground that the trefoil plant smothers all other vegetation, and its seeds can therefore be gathered pure, and partly because it is so cheap that it is not worth while adulterating it.

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