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The absence of friction is an important negative sign. Bright's disease and pysemia may cause it, and atheroma or arteritis deformans extending to the valves will give rise to valvular lesions Any of the conditions that cause acute exudative and interstitial endocarditis may eflect changes in the valves, and the tissue thus developed, undergoing atheromatous, fatty, fibroid, calcareous, or connective-tissue change, will Increased tension of the aorta may be the result of chronic spinal deformity, and may be regarded as the indirect cause of aortic stenosis.


During the decline of the temperature in typhoid cases a marked intermittent temperature may be observed which resembles very closely that of quotidian malarial infection.

The parts in which this atlas is published are exceedingly convenient to handle, and the publishers have had the good sense not to make the work burdensomely expensive by having recourse to the niceties of the engraver's art; though plain, the figures are sufficiently graphic. The exhaustion which results directly from this great destruction of ointment tissue is so marked that few cases recover. A curious susceptibility to levulose has been observed in some cases of hepatic disease. In addition to the suffering experienced by the patient from this disease, there is a great risk, or, indeed, almost the certainty, of suppuration and caries being ultimately induced by it, so that effectual means of remedy are of no small value.

It has been claimed that an acute endocarditis becomes chronic when its course is prolonged, but the advanced changes are only a stage of tlie acute process. We are beginning to recognize that many cases of indefinite gastric and intestinal symptoms are really due to diseases of the gallbladder, and medical opinion is travelling along the same road that it did a decade or so ago in the case of the vermiform appendix, when a large number of irregular intestinal symptoms were finally recognized as being caused by disease of that organ. If it were thoroughly ascertained that a ureter was diseased from kidney to bladder, and the operator felt inclined to do a total extirpation or none, it might improve the patient's chances to have a primary ureterectomy of the lower half, while the uses proximal end of the tube was given a temporary cutaneous implantation, there to drain the kidney until an early favorable time for nephrectomy.

The stools were pale, and the urine very dark-coloured. Thus xanthin is converted into uric acid by the mere addition of an atom of oxygen, and Burian has given to the ferment that brings this about the name of"xanthin oxidase." Schittenhchn failed to find it in the thymus, intestine, kidneys, or blood. There is probably no relation between tabes and gonorrhnea. West Butterwick, Watson, Samuel, Esq.

The place of origin of the above tumors is rather difficult to locate on account of the size of the tumor and the involvement of the bowel when the subject presents itself either to the operator or to the pathologist; but online from the data of the microscopical examination of the tumors which we have been able to collect, and from the careful examination of our own case, it seems to us that the mucosa or submucosa is the starting-point of these tumors, and, from the normal histology of the intestine, either may be the origin if we take for granted that they have their origin in the lymph follicles. In very large buboes, especially in the cervical region, the jelly-like trembling which has been described can easily be made price out.

In aortic disease the murmur has its maximum intensity at the second stemo-costal articulation of the right side, and is not accompanied by a venous hum. Fully bearing in mind the distinction which must be made between primary and secondary defects, and the fact that congenital lesions of the orifices and valves are mostly located on the right side of the heart, let us look at various causes which are capable of producing malformations. With this cream technique a positive result could be obtained in thirty-six hours. In five cases of priman.- gastrointestinal tuberculosis in children, the bacilli showed a particular virulence when inoculated into calves. The book consists of thirty-one chapters, each a complete treatise on a special subdivision of the india general head. A diseased valve can never be restored to its normal Unctions, and the shorter and more gushing the murmur the more extensive the regurgitation. The author reports the following seven cases: local symptoms, Jacksonian epilepsy of tablet left arm and leg; general symptoms, general convulsion, headache, and vertigo; optic disk negative; operation, trephining; seat of tumor was in right foot and arm centre; result, hemiplegia, epilepsy; still living after seven years.

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