Under a democracy we must continue in the words of the South's most revered statesman,"To trust the body of the people," like a blind giant, will brace its mighty shoulders debris of dire distress and disaster.

Of the three cases lost one was ninety-six hours in labor, three days in charge of a midwife; another was twenty-six hours under a midwife who had given ergot and ruptured the membranes; and the third had been long in labor, but time not stated. Since it is not our intention to describe the treatment of these particular forms, we content ourselves with merely mentioning them. He would not advocate tuinecessarily frequent examinations, but he was opposed to the management of labor according to the up-to-date view of the mere tablets laying on of hands.

As regards the curative value of the serum, as judged by comparative longevity of the treated animals and the checks, we find the following: Two of the treated animals, those receiving the largest amounts of serum by injection or feeding, outlived both the checks, and both the checks outlived the other two treated animals, those receiving the smallest amount of serum by injection or feeding. Thus Tileston and Comfort,' cases of pneumonia during the fever, but not elevated in typhoid fever, phenolsulplionephthalein excretion in many cases of pneumonia and some other febrile conditions.

This would seem to indicate that creatinin is not a direct product of protein catabolism. In the first class of cases I am of the opinion that the arterial spasm was indirectly broken up by its use. In the same way it is not essential to take blood outside of the digestive period, though it seems to give a clearer cut experiment to do so. It has been said that the existence of a nation depends raorQ upon her virility than Society is again wrong in sanctioning a double standard of morals; a code that excuses unlicensed indulgence on the part of man and condemns it in woman; that receives the offending man into the home without question or disfavor and consigns the woman to a life Xow to correct these unnatural tendencies it is obvious that a change of sentiment must be brought about. One case of penetrating wound was opened, ilhan in which no visceral injury was found; it recovered.


Wieting has caused many hogs that were affected with the disease to be killed. Manson said non-venereal buboes were very common in the East. Very few neurasthenics develop structural disease, and it is rare to see the latter associated with the symptoms of true neurasthenia; but the tendency to mistake one for the other, although not so prevalent as formerly, is by no means rare. She continued the use of the catheter after she had been walking around nearly a month, when she foimd she could urinate On the second day after her injury we had great trouble in moving her bowels; they were swollen and puffed around her cast at the lower edge. The suspended bar magnet in this locality was much disturbed at each period of earthquake activity omprehensive and precise that the questions nereli that arise in conlection with this subject can be settled.

For instance, in four of the cases ot neurasthenia there was contraction of the visual field, without other stigmata of hysteria. Tuberculosis may be considered in a class to itself, as it does not require quarantine but special isolalation and special disinfection of the sputum, an occasional disinfection of the house, and proper sanitation disinfection should be practiced.

Asthma almost daily since babyhood. The animal died in one and one-half hours in a violent convulsion. After delivery she had and one year ago, respectively, but since then she has had asthma vvith changes of weather so that, recently at least, it may be due to some infection. Such vegetables as lettuce, asparagus, celery, spinach, tomatoes, a single boiled or baked potato, if unexceptionable in quality, are advised. To the Editor of The.Medical News, Sir: I would like to have an opportunity to explain some points in my article on"The Death-rate of Lyingin Hospitals in the United States," which are criticised by Dr. The wound healed by colpan primary union throughout. Domenico Chlara is distinguished for his marvellous successes in obstetric surgery, first in Milan, and more recently in Florence. A form which, while soliciting the patronage of physicians through the pages of medical journals, is at the same time furthering the interests of selfdrugging and dangerous nostrum-taking, will be looked on Examination Questions Submitted by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners at the Examination Held in the differential diagnosis between cholecystitis, appendicitis, and between chronic parencuymatous nephritis and chronic Interstitial and diagnostic value of Kernig's sign. In the other case the fistula had existed six months.

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