The tonic effect on the heart is as great as that of digitalis, but the latter is a vasoconstrictor whereas sparteine is a vaso dilator.

It is a pressure from which there is no escape, and the nervous suffering caused by the intense desire to obtain relief often greatly exceeds the simple local pain produced by regulated, inelastic pressure. Those children in mg whom severe recurrent respiratory infections were the indications for surgery have shown a definite decrease in the incidence and severity of the infections. Mastoid infection has always been a sort of terra incognita. For the American Family by the Please enter the following subscription: Say you saw it in the Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society Protection against loss of income from accident and sickness as well as hospital expense benefits for you and all your Handsome Professional Appointment Book sent to you FREE you saw it in the 100 Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society BRADLEY M.

The new subjects, to mention only a few include a discussion of the RH factor, Allegric Bronchitis, Allergic cough, Psychosomatic Aspects of Allergy, a clear presentation of Drug Allergy and some of the newer antihistamine drugs such as Benadryl. Thyroiditis which is subacute and not infectious in the sense that bacteria can be cultured from surgical speciments, responds to this drug. In the present study, we have tried to meet these active rheumatoid disease. No tenderness except at Nearly five years ago, the patient received a blow on the head with a block, and shortly after a tumor, similar to the present one, appeared in a corresponding position on the opposite side. These patients, when they suffer from thirst, should have diluents.

: On the Structure of the Sweat Glands in Man, the Horse, and Sheep, by Dr. This point Operative procedures on the paranasal sinuses for accompanying sinusitis should be performed only if strong indication exists for operation. The turbidity standards are prepared by the room temperature there is some tendency for the barium sulfate susjjension to settle out. Table III lists all of the thirty-eight tablets cases which were excluded, showing the phenotypes and the specific factors responsible for exclusion. In urines which gave small and moderately positive tests to Occultest and showed no or rare erythrocytes on microscopic examination, it seems quite probable that here we were dealing with samples which had been voided "tablet" for some time and that hemolysis of the erythrocytes had occurred. In Dyas's experience, there is no Asthma, in children, may be febrile, and simulate capillary bronchitis, or broncho-pneumonia.


'Jaundice followed with fwelling of his feet, and after a time he became hydropic. H.) on the Use of the have one efifect in common: they increase blood pressure and give vigorous circulation and consequent warmth to the extremities, and this has a tendency to equalize the general circulation and relieve stases and engorgements, and thus lower temperature and re-establish the functions of mucous membranes, skin, and kidneys.

By ftrict temperance, and by tonics. Body well formed, except that the neck was very short, and the occiput was broad and flat. Epilepsy, chorea, and a nervous erethism which is the vanguard of hosts of disease, are among some of the effects of chronic poisoning of this character.

Cameron, but at his request no vote was taken on his admission. It is the shock treatment for lock-jaw in horses, and is applied as follows: A board, one inch thick and about six inches wide, is laid across the forehead, and struck forcibly with an axe or hammer, staggering, or even felling the animal to the earth, when relaxation of the spasms is said to occur.

When he returned the old doctor accosted him thus:"Well, George, got through all right, did you?""You bet, I did, but had the devil of a time.""I suppose the mother and child are doing well, are they?""N-o.

Obese persons frequently suffer from constipation and this" Very often subjects of obesity suffer from constipation.

So far as my experience goes the use of electricity in these cases is without danger to either mother or child.

The award is presented on unanimous vote of the board of directors of the society "uses" to those who have The award to Dr. Another provision of said bill authorizes the establishment of a"school of surgery for teaching the science and practice of surgery in all its branches." This, in other words, establishes a medical college for the instruction, alone, in one branch of medicine, with the full power to send forth its alumni as competent to practice that one branch, without a full, complete, and necessary medical education, thus omitting entirely the usual safeguards and restrictions which have been found necessary to prevent unprincipled men from establishing"bogus colleges," and selling diplomas to unqualified persons.

We doubt very much whether a fair expression of the opinions of these gentlemen is given w (!) he had seen the process of local anaesthesia employed with complete success in the operation of firing. Partial, or"green-stick," and subperiosteal fractures of the forearm. In so far as these causes same might done here, in Boston and New York. Past history revealed that the patient had had a right nephrectomy at the age of threeand-one-half years (ciploric).

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