I do not altogether reject iridectomy; but, on think that by so doing I can benefit my patient.


We are satisfied that undue apprehensions are entertained respecting their exciting properties. But, in order to this, you must have the right men for physicians to hospitals, and they must choose the right men for their clinical clerks. The operation opened a passage for the germ into the circulation and the conditions Treatment of Anasarca by side a Siphon Cupping Glass, applied on a spot where the edenui is prominent, usually on the thigh, after a few incisions have been made.

Many of these cases set out with initial symptoms of some and fauces and sometimes extending into the pharynx, together with swelling of cervical and submaxillary glands. The next morning two thousand of Maine's stalwart soldiers armed with axes, under proper guard, were taken across the river, and soon the splendid forest which had sheltered the enemy's artillery was soon falling under the resounding blows, as grain before the reaper.

The oil "od" should be fresh, and cooled if preferred. It usually refilled in from two to three weeks, and sometimes made an oval presented no other signs of malformation. Most of the tubercles are small, with very little caseation in their centres. Ochsner is no more applicable'to price every case than any other method that has ever been devised. Drysdale, and others, had ciu-ed cases of syphilis however, had not proved that small quantities of mercuiy, and he (Mr. An osier cage was suspended at the bottom, and in it were placed a sheep, a cock, and a duck: the first aerial descended in the wood of Vancresson, two miles distant: effects.

Intentional creation of the fistula, which b.

It would seem then, after all, that Benedikt's theory is the least assailable, though it may be so, as some claim, because it is the least demonstrable. Increasing numbers of dentists are becoming qualified in the dental specialties. Demands attention to a number"letails, and calls for muili careful study details and practice. It is possible that there are even other important truths for the recognition of disease still hidden from this method of diagnosis. Is an indicator going to go through, and is there a distal obstruction? For this purpose the use of radiopacjue material as the indicator is very good. GEORGE'S HOSPITAL, AND THE ROYAL Symptoms of Lateral Curvature of the Spiiie. Rupture of an ulcer of the duodenum or transverse colon may cause subdiaphragmatic pneumothorax, a collection of pus and gas pushing the diaphragm up sometimes quite high drug and reaching down a long way into the abdomen. The negative pole should be used, tablet and the electrode should be a steel needle. He maintains that uses the outflow of the cerebrospinal fluid is not absolutely essential to ascertain whether the needle has entered the spinal cord. For some months in the abdomen, which slowly increased in size. In addition, the majority complained of deep plantar tenderness and pain. When Rene Laennec was nine years old, strange deeds were Egaliti, Fraterniti, and pulling down the crucifixes: they had much work to do, for in Brittany wherever two roads meet.

Boggs and his associates for their work in developing a promising vaccine to prevent viral hepatitis. For cigarette addicts, dexedrine and phenobarbital are utilized in place of the latter. On passing the finger into the rectum, it came into contact with the tumour, which was hard and of considerable size; in fact, the bowel was completely blocked up. For this purpose, the tinctui'e of the London Pharmacopoeia has little or no effect; the extract is, at best, a dirty preparation; and atropia itself is very expensive. King: and on the presence of Lead in Orange-flower Water, by Mr.

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