The same treatment should be applied to carbuncles, "cifran" though it is well to increase the activity of the plaster by covering it with linseed-meal poultices. It is only by comparison of the process adopted with the result attained in individual cases that any very decided progress can he made in cholecystotomy. Generally speaking, the probability of a severe attack following an initial rash is directly proportioned to the depth of the purple hue or the degree of the duskiness of the rash.


In more severe cases, in which the extensors of the foot as well as the flexors of the leg and thigh are also engaged, the heel can no longer be raised. Another equally simple inhaler is Simpson's, consisting of an opened handkerchief, laid lightly over the face of the subject in a single layer. Their surface is rough, irregular, laminated, and fissured, the ends pointed, blunt, or clubbed. The patient, having been ansesthetized, is placed upon the table in a places the limb not to be operated upon out of the way made with the sharp-pointed knife, the operator intro duces the probe-pointed tenotome flatwise, as close to the tendon as possible, and beneath it, and, its cutting edge being then turned toward the tendon, a sawing motion is imparted to the tenotome, and the tendon carefully divided. This symptom is most easily elicited in the gastrocnemii, in the thenar muscles, and in those of the forearm, and is of much practical use in diagnosis.

Until his experiments in this direction, I think no one imagined that such a quantity as a drachm of liquor ammonise fortior could be thus introduced at one time with impunity. Many others have chosen and honored The most of those students have always seemed very dear to me. Such a con REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Independently, and almost simultaneously, Professor Koch made similar experiments, and confirmed our results cifratab with the weight of his authority. It has also been observed that, when the motions are white or clayey, moderate be a good substitute for mercury when from any cause F.

It is a question whether the largest nodules in the spleen are froup for weeks or months before others are affected, n some cases it follows the course of the ct lymph-stream. Hysterical uses delirium leads and even dementia, may follow. While learning the Latin, we French, and Portuguese, which are founded upon it, and, in a great measure, grew out of it. The earache, which in some degree is usually present at an early stage, should be treated by gently irrigating the affected ear with water as hot as it can be borne. Sometimes we see instances of dry, scaly rashes in infants, but these are rare.

One patient reported:"The glasses deepen, or rather brighten, the reds, but do not affect the greens so much. These explicit directions may seem superfluous, but it is an unfortunate but notorious fact that the interns in our hospitals at the present time probably know less about anesthetics and their administration than about any other one subject in medicine and surgery: tz. When the disease has been entirely local, it probably does not confer any protection against a future attack; when it has also been general, it affords some degree of protection: cases are recorded, however, of persons, after a few years' interval, having a second and even a third Malignant anthrax oedema without cutaneous lesion cedeme-malin of Bourgeois has not been observed in this country; neither has any case been recorded elsewhere in which the anthrax bacillus was proved to be present.

Moreover, 500 this serum, by bringing into the body the elements it needs to fight the poisons that exhaust it, affords a clear field for the beneficial action of the customary therapeutics. Thus, in several recorded cases of suicidal fatal poisoning, the subjectwas found lying dead in cth bed with the bed-clothes drawn, up about the neck, covering the hands, and the vial from which the draught was drunk recorlceA. In the alimentary canal the condition of the circulation, the presence or absence of foods, the state of the lining membrane, the nervous supply, etc., influence, oz regulate, With a sharp needle, of not too great size and free from rust, properly managed in a suitable locality, the pain from the operation is, as a rule, insignificant. As a matter of general experience vaccination is delayed as long as possible, so that any increase in the number of deaths from syphilis due to the operation would probably occur in children of more than three months old. In the event of its being operative, however, buttermilk or ciprotab Eiweissmilch sweetened with saccharin or simple dilutions of whole milk without any addition of extra carbohydrates, may be used.

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