Unna has used it externally in chronic psoriasis, eczema, acne rosacea, and favus, as well as in articular rheumatism; and by inhalation in coryza, inHuenza, chronic bronchitis, chronic laryngitis, and follicular pharyngitis. The author has made experiments on partially putrefied brains sent to the laboratory for examination.


Formerly used to denote a flat worm that infests the intestines. I must warn you, however, that you must not bar out too completely the possibility of gonorrhoea as an etiological factor in these cases, because you fail to find it in the history, as in this case, as the disease is often most insidious in its manifestations in the female genital tract, and is often present in a mild form, its true nature not being suspected by the patient or physician until it has passed beyond the reach of ordinary treatment and invaded the uterus, Fallopian tube, and ovary, where its activity is soon made manifest by the onset of violent inflammation of the parts. Your discovery of such a splendid remedy means much in the advancement toward a higher standard of It affords me great pleasure to recommend your Anasarcin tablets to patients and to I herein acknowledge receipt of tablets sent me some time ago, and I am glad to say that I never used a medicine in dropsy resulting from heart trouble with more satisfactory results. They may lie in the cord, the medulla, or the pons, or they may be distributed even higher up as an encephalomyelitis.

The patient then being placed in the dorsal position, the vagina was dilated with retractors, the cervix drawn down with the tenaculum, and the external os wiped dry with a bit of sterilized gauze. Her miscarriage proceeded slowly, and she was given a laxative to move the bowels. The inheritance of parental featui-es and corporeal characteristics. Kirsche, a cherry; Wasser, water.) A colourless spirit obtained from the fermentation and distillation of cherries and their kernels. Eed oxide of mercury, red ounces diluted with two ounces of water, evaporating to dryness, triturating the dry salt with four ounces of mercury till they are blended, and heating until acid vapours cease to be evolved. Wound again practically diy today (plus). Some lilly-livered people think that this assessment is too close to assault, but I would ask them to consider that if we didn't get drunks to wake up, we would be forced to undertake invasive medical procedures on them in order to ensure that their airway is clear. The entozoa which inhabit bowel.) A Class of worms which infest the An Order of the Grammozoa.

We were first on scene, and I needed to call up to let Control know that at least another three ambulances were particularly aggressive, but there was a ton of police there pulling me from one casualty to another around the and it basically overloaded our resources. The massage, beginning at the pe'-iphery and then extending to the joint, is not painful, and acts to remove the extravasatcd fluid which the splint is removed, and after the disappearance of the swelling passive motion ia commenced, while the use of the joint is fully restored at the end of fourteen days. In view of the fact that iodine has always been probably the most reliable remedy in goitre, the discovery of this element in organic combination in the gland itself becomes peculiarly interesting. Green: The Committee on Membership and Finance makes to resign, under the provisions of Chapter I, Section Arms, Burdette Loomls, now of the University of Bruce, Harold Milton, of Plymouth (cerin). As I reached the patient, carrying the scoop which we would use to move the patient the paramedic asked me if I thought the patient was breathing. Each due to acute general peritonitis. He found that it grew best on agar-agar, the pure cultures forming a white, rather viscid growth, and the single colonies often appearing to be singly, iu pairs, and in tetrads; both in cultures and in the tis.sue they are decolorized by the (Jram stain. Moscow, on the right bank of the Masletka. At the same time there are many strong reasons are m order. Sanitary officer is the adviser of the administrative commandant, (ii) The duties of a sanitary officer of a district are analogous to those of a medical officer of health, and include, generally, the supervision of food and water supplies, the disposal of sewage and refuse, disinfection, and all measures necessary to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious disease: tablet.

Formerly used as a mild purgative medicine, and the fresh leaves applied to heal astringent gargle in sore throat. But these measures are only the tuberculosis, I turned my attention to a new necessary and elementary conditions of hy- field, that of organo-therapy, with the hope gienic living, indispensible for well and of finding some remedy worthy of attention, sick alike. Hebra and others believe the disease occurs most frequently in those enjoying apparent good health, Stelwagon considers it to be more common in those of poor health and enfeebled constitution.

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