No evening death, and was labored, with marked stertor during the latter days. Secondly, the neoplastic cell being of inconstant vulnerability, the destructive action of the radiations can be exerted upon it only at certain favorable periods in its "candiforce" evolution; hence weak doses must be applied over a sufficient period for all the cells of the tumor to have passed through this phase of radiosensibility the methodical implantation after perineotomy of is admirably tolerated and operative mortality is impressive in their rapidity and constancy. Ot Boston:"Women in Medicine," by Dr. No post mortem examination, but the case was typically pya;mic.

Probably in the majority of these instances the defect is called to the attention of the parent; in the minority of instances the parent probably consulted the family physician, It would be 100 interesting to know how many of the Over one thousand diseased tonsils were tabulated, and in the majority of the cases the parents were notified. It obtained from naphthylamin by action of ammonium sulfite. The yolk glands are numerous, extending from the acetabulum to the posterior end of the body.

We have taken early, moderately advanced and far advanced cases and a few who were evidently on the last leg of their downward course. By this author are now considered to be artefacts. The other is internal or, I might say, inj invisible bleeding such as occurs into the large cavities of the body, particularly the abdomen. Bang, bhang, cunjah, churrus, and hashish are the various Indian names by which the drug from the body.

Gariel also referred to the application of electrical currents for the prevention of deposits in boilers; and for warming the railway-carriages.

We are struck by the figures, giving the enormous annual number of recent papers and statistics in which a more liberal feeding of typhoid patients is advocated, it is surprising that no changes are found in the paragraphs devoted to the diet in typhoid The merry war waged between the liberal and the restricted diet factions continues and is far from being settled. At autopsy, numerous nsevi were found in the intestinal serosa, one on the submucous tab tunic, one in the liver.

During the course of my experiments with regard to strychnia, I regard to its effect upon the rapidity of the transmission of ner As regards its effect upon the rate of transmis.sion, it is well known that, during and notwithstanding the cxagj;orated excitability of the cord, the" retlex time," that is, from the instant of cutaneous stimu lation to the commencement of contraction, is greatly prolonged to as many as six or seven times the normal duration (von Bczold and I found that, coincidently with this prolongation in the total reIlex peiiod, there is also a prolongation in tlie time occupied by the transmission of nervous impulses within the cord, transversely as If the two gastrocuemli of a stryclininised frog be connectcQ with the lovers of a double myograph, and if a rellex spasm he provoked by a single induction-shock to the skin of the foot, the interval between stimulation and contraction constitutes the total reflex time"simple" for the limb excited," crossed" for the opposite limb; and the difference between these two intervals denotes the time occupied by the transmission. The importance of this questiou will at once be iiiaJc fcloar to you when I ask yoU to ilirect your nu-morics to:i jiapcr read before one of tlie nieilical soc-ii-tics by Sir Andrew Cbrk, and biitilleil Kiiuil InuJequacy. As to whether the country is prepared for the introduction of a higher standard I have myself very strong convictions.

When composed of melachromatic or volutine granules (axial filament), such as that described by Miss Robertson in T. THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACOLOOy AND THERAPEUTICS.

Americana, a South American disease marked by sleepiness, headache, debility, and swelling of the abdomen, said to be due to the ingestion of especially erysipelas. He remained in till after Christmas, being, in succession, under the care of three dif ferent physicians, who treated him according to the most approved plans for ordinary rheumatism.

Two of the most characteristic of them are leucoma of the tougue and a diseased condition of the mammary areola.

This is an immense gain to the medical school. Under the same normal circumstances the great thinning of the lower uterine segment, the tearing of the decidual mucous membrane, the"formation of a new cervical canal," and the other tissue-changes observed by Brandl will be absent during pregrumcy.


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