It is insoluble in water, max but is soluble in the fixed oils, in petroleum, and in bisulphide of carbon. Side - dana said the unusual feature of these cases was the symmetrical character of the atrophy affecting both hands.

Bland Sutton in his Hunterian lectures) described dermoid cysts of the fingers. The secretion of the pancreatic juice was formerly explained upon the basis of a reflex action, in which capsules the acid chyme coming from the stomach represented the stimulus. I have before me a letter from the lamented General Gordon, dated Khartoum, (D.

It is, therefore, one effects of the earliest indications of mercurial poisoning, but if not sought for it may elude attention until after the mouth has become sore a little later. J which has given rise to the erroneous idea this paper price for themselves mav find the that they are the young of the larger flies. In fact the patient slept very little except under opiates.

The bandage was removed on the fourth day, and a drop of a four-grain solution of eserine was instilled to draw the iris away from the wound. It was sharply defined, both by its color and by its consistency, from the surrounding lung tissue. " Siberian fever,"" Mai important role in the rapidity of its propagation, and mainly great temperature variations and the direction of the winds. Ex amined microscopically, there was found to be a complete absence of fibrous tissue from its wall.

A hastily written scruple and drachm niay bear such a close resemblance as to escape the commission of a blunder only by chance. Some of these have been inclined to favour the views of the solidists, but perhaps the opinions of the majority have had a decided tendency to humoralism. Siohr finds them usually Spalding (J.

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