The number of lires which have already been thus saved is quite large, and is daily increasing.


On overnight stops the planes are thoroughly sprayed and closed for the night. Again, if the patient be in the "biscuits" lower ranks of life, his chances are unfavourable. The face nearly always escapes the general "price" atrophy, and its normal appearance may be in striking contrast to the rest of the body. In other words, a short, concise statement which will be considered by one man to be extremely useful may not appeal to another. In other examples part of the patch bears ad crusts, which, though chiefly attached by their margins, are rather hard to remove. His practice pays him in cash six thousand dollars per annum.

Some benefit may perhaps contest be obtained by prescribing disinfectants, such as the salts of benzoic acid, or urotropin. As is well known, Mathie's Malt Tonic is a nourishing tonic, enriching impoverished blood and containing a large amount of nerve food rendering it an ideal treatment in all"run down" conditions. Dr Silas Hubbard, of Illinois reports successful treatment of a severe case of this lil disease. Garrod, several physicians have champs successfully employed the bicarbonate of soda in doses of from fifteen to thirty-five grammes. Nutrition - our herbs are freed from stalks and stems and particular attention is given to the selection of such only as have been gatheredfat the proper season and cured so as to retain their color, strength, and odor. She stated that she had been ill only two weeks. 'It'- a bad case iv th' dissoshiashun iv th' pcrsona-ality ye have,' sez he. When developed within natural serous cavities, or in veins, hydatids do not seem to have any other envelope than that formed by the walls of the cavity in which they are inclosed: when developed in parenchymata, they are surrounded by an adherent membrane, by a cyst formed at the expense of the cellular tissue of the parenchymatous organ, and the structure of which varies with that of the organ: tagline. In order to be sure that this drug is getting into the blood stream, however, the concentration should be determined, because the absorption of sulfapyridine is uncertain. The complaint had set in suddenly about the middle of the preceding year, during an after-dinner walk, and the paroxysms had recurred several days in succession: milk. Little black points, corresponding to a pilo-sebaceous follicle, are also seem If used to the scalp or face, quiz localities totally unsuited for it, or to the genitals, swelhng and oedema and painful conjunctivitis may occur. Similar organizations are now in existence in the United Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and France.

It varies in degree according to circimistances, it is generally attended with some elevation of temperature, and it usually declines without proving either serious or fatal. It frequently happens that agencies of both classes jointly contribute to the result, some long continued defect of nutrition, (very often arising from hereditary two together producing that effect, which neither would In most forms of monomania, however, there is more or less of disorder in the ideational process leading to the formation of positive delusion's or hallucinations; that is to say, of fixed belief or dominant ideas which are palpably inconsistent with reality. Once used I prefer to keep it on till the temperature falls to normal, but generally give both nurse and patient some latitude, leaving it off for a time, then on again, as the constant filling of the pail is hard work. These simple anatomical facts, which are easily demonstrated at the operating-table and in the dead house, are capable of a direct practical apjilication.

French served a successful interneship in the same institution.

Both cases were imported, one of recent date came from Mexico. 'J'his we shall have to discuss in How wonderful if the galvanic aura be a modification of the mind! We know it to be a powerful agent; both nature and art amply testify. Bowers had there a wonderful display of his prowess as a hunter, his collection including many almost priceless skins and heads.

Before treating of the nature of the disease, it is necessary to review the principal anatomical lesions of malignant cake jaundice.

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