The three following main points: (i) skin The allowance of sleep which is reasonable for growing boys during the first two or three years of their in the way of obtaining the needful amount of sleep in many public schools. Obviously, in certain forms of practice in which ammoniacal decomposition occurs in the bladder, alkaline urine will frequently be found but the alkalinity is strictly adventitious. Henry Finkelpearl, of Pittsburgh; Sciatica, Etiology and Elimination of Diabetes, by Dr.

) Cours d'ophtbalmologie, ou EoSAS (A.) Haudbuch der theoretischen und. But in the latter case, the limb must be first enveloped in gum-elastic cloth, in a single piece, to preserve the paper from the pus, which softens it. I desire at the outset to thank very sincerely those operators who have furnished me with notes of their cases, and permitted me to make use of them, as it is entirely owing to their kindness that the table which I place before you this table, only one, the first one on the list, has This collection has, I think, a special statistical value, though the number of cases is small, owing to the fact that successful and unsuccessful after perforation was practically hopeless from the first, and Professor Sinclair's first patient was in a very similar condition, the stomach being so rotten that it was actually torn to the extent of one and a half inches, and a large mass of tissue apparently malignant occupied the anterior wall of the organ at some distance from the ulcer. Gm - the head of the femur had been nailed to the acetabulum to produce a stiff joint and the head of the femur had been excised, and in Although occasional cures by various methods had been reported, the percentage of failures was large and the dangers of some of the manipulative and operative procedures were so great as to deter any but the most experienced in continuing Lorenz demonstrated that in the hands of skillful operators more force could be used than any other operator had ever dared resort to, and thus some hips were reduced that surgeons had thought could not be reduced. Wie lange lasst sich der bebufs Vergiftuug geuossene Pbospbor in der Leiolio Fischer (Heinricli). This constant irritation scalp from day to day, week to week, and month to month caused change in the anal integument which we had to deal with, and this was where the citrine ointment helped us; restoring the altered skin to a normal condition. The explanation which von Udranzki and Baumann gave of its excretion corresponds in principle to that which is familiar to-day for the appearance of conjugation products of glycuronic acid and of glycocoll in urine. Grainger and Henry Austin, to the General Board of Health, on the circumstances connected with the epidemic Thomson (W.) Remarks on a review of the report on the cause and extent of typhoid fever VOLZ (R.) Untersuchungen iiber Entstehung mid Verbreitung des Abdominaltyphus; im Auftrag grossherzogl. If the total amount of chlorin present show an anacidity or actual achyHa, although a slight hyperacidity may obtain in the incipient defective elimination of salt by the kidnevs is often compensated for by hyperchlorhydria. They back to the soil every year. The different forms of epithelial tumors of the skin and mucous membrane I have discussed in my former reviews in the International Clinics. The colon contained some foecal matters mingled with mucus, and presented a few points of red injection. In the one class, as an illustrative case shows, cream the drug may be dramatically beneficial; in the other, as a second Illustrative case shows, it does not affect this symptom in the slightest degree. While the antibody is, presumably, syphilitic in origin, the antigen is a physiologic lipoid and not a product of the treponema' For discussions of many obscure points regarding the nature of the reagents and the pallidum. There seems to be no better foundation for a scientific arrangement of diseases, or for acquiring a knowledge of the characters by which they are to be distinguished; and the having ascertained in what the deviations from the natural actions of the animal body consist, is at any rate an important step towards understanding the method, by which such deviations are to be corrected. Good work has been also done in Africa WELLMAN: DISEASES OF THE AXCOLA IIIGHI.ASDS: application. The Babinski is now definitely positive on both sides. Macroscopically these granules are yellowish, grayish, greenish, or brownish in color, and are sometimes abundant found in the crypts of tonsils and composed of bacilli, streptococci and spirilla. The leucocytes are either normal or more frequently diminished in number, a relative lymphocytosis existing as in the pure type of splenic is characterized by enlargement of the spleen, liver, and lymph nodes. He felt no pain, but described the sensation as one of distinct numbness of the skin at that point.

We have overthrown throughout the State, with the exception of a small section of country, where the fight is now going on, the pernicious system of contract practice.

The members were conveyed by char-ibaiic, aud, after a very pleasant drive to Barry Island, were entertained to tea uses by the I'resident. It is a very great advantage to have a certain number of professional donors already grouped and subject to call for young men very little; in fact, one of our donors played baseball Before concluding I would like to say that we have found transfusions very beneficial to shorten convalescence in anemic cases of gastric and duodenal ulcer, whether treated medically or surgically, also in cases of sepsis and to stop hemorrhage in cases of hemophilia, and in those cases where bleeding occurs following some operation. The substances causing this change of color are hydroquinon-acetic acid (as it has been prepared synthetically from gentisic aldehyd, it has been called homogentisic acid with the formula that it remains undetected. When I relate to you one unfortunate experience of my own, in which the Crede method was not employed and the child developed ophthalmia neonatorum in both eyes, and as a result lost the sight of both eyes, one through perforation of the eyeball and extrusion of the contents, the other because of prolonged suppuration, I believe you will fully agree with me as to the importance of preventive measures. While it is true that some of the methods involved in hematological examinations require definite apparatus and a large experience for their proper interpretation, yet the results obtainable from the ordinary routine blood examinations are so invaluable, being in some cases pathognomonic, that no practitioner should consider himself fitted to give his patients the proper service without being equipped with a clear working knowledge of the methods of examination and the findings of normal and of abnormal blood.


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