That afternoon and the following day the temperature became elevated, and there was some slight roughening of the breath sounds over the upper part of the left lung, but 250 no rales were heard. Two assistants secured the ends of the stomach and the duodenum respectively. By that time he will have derived the benefits to be had from the change, without being exposed to the disadvantages that afterwards ensue from a too long run at grass.


Similarly in the treatment of poisoning by arsenic, the quantities of sodium carbonate and perchloride of iron to be used 100 for forming ferric hydrate might have been given in detail. Albumen does not necessarily indicate liquid that there are grave kidney changes in diabetic subjects. IIankine in this short monograph gives a table xl which he constructed during his tenure of office as honorary radiographer at a base hospital in France, and by which with nothii)g more than a pair of compasses, localisation of foreign bodies in the tissues can be made from plates in a few seconds. Luke's, it may be advisable to reconstruct and perhaps to remove them. The treatment of fractures is in accord with the most modern view's and due consideration is given to the ambuhint Altogether, the book is a credit to both authors and publishers and is one of the best that has been issued during the year. He attributes the redness of those parts of the face which were previously cyanosed to the greedy absorption of oxygen by the globules of the blood. It is necessary sometimes that public action be taken to protect society and especially the youth of our communities against contamination and vice.

The traditionary cow which gave the good pail of milk and then kicked it over, was doubtless one which had to deal with a badtempered milker while a heifer; and the great point to be observed is, never to give the animal pain, or excite her fears. The muco-perichondrium is then raised below the horizontal incision by means of a suitable elevator right down to the floor of the nose: 500. Extravasated blood marked hindi the track of the bullet. Slight 200 staggering gait with eyes heart, lungs and abdominal organs negative. Searle, its Natiue, Cause, and Treatment, Simply, Scientifically, and calomel, which he considers the direct antagonist of the choleraic poison, and which he recommends to be given in the earliest possible stage of its operation, and, when it can no longer be given in any other way with any chance of absorption, to be introduced into the system by fumigation. McXalty; At the same meeting the following College Officers were SievekiU'.'-, MD. There is not only a marked increase in the lipin content, but a marked alteration n the normal relations of 600 the lipins.

Cancer of the breast, however, will eventually recur and metas tasize beyond surgical scope, and a systemic will be necessary. Line dividing uses the section centrally, B. But however this may be, it is unquestionably the fact that the horse of the present day is far superior to any breed of horses that has ever existed anywhere on the face of the earth; a result that is due to careful and judicious breeding, carried out in such a perfect manner as would be impossible to excel, combined with climatic influences, which has caused the British racehorse quarter of the globe to which he has found his way, where he has beaten in the race every antagonist on his own ground. Mere fatigue of the center cannot, therefore, be the cause of its depression in in pneumonia. This latter is what cannot be done, but the bridge can be erected by consent, and this without doing violence to the rights of any within their own domain.

In pauper asylums it is difficult to get at the-truth from the ignorance of the informants; in private practice the facts are concealed and denied in the most astounding manner.

A sudden rise in temperature, or a rapid and extreme fall at any period of the fever is a very bad omen; the latter often cold precedes the occurrence of a severe intestinal indicates the existence of complications.

It is stated by some that the amount of albumen in the urine is in direct proportion to for the intensity of the diphtheritic infection. Bennett took part in the discussion, which would evidently have been most interesting if time had permitted. "That in price view of the large sums of money being spent on tlie state of housing in Lanarkshire and also to the decrease in the number of new houses being erected, which is aggravating the problem of dealing with tuberculous patients." The chairman, in submitting the minutes of the Finance SubCommittee, said the National Insurance Commissioners estimated the moment of checking this calculation, but they were of opinion that, so far as Lanarkshire was concerned, this was an that insured persons in Lanarkshire had enlisted, but this number was obviously much below the correct figure. As the name indicates, this disease is a progressive and chronic wasting and atrophy of the muscles, and results from trophic changes due to a central nerve-lesion.

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