Besides direct germicidal effect claimed, they are all said to be capable of preventing, checking, and controlling the coagulating and necrotic processes going on in the vitalized cell pabulum under the influence of the bacilli, or under that of other infective germs, thereby allowing the restoration of the cells to the normal. Bright's disease is sometimes simulated, especially when coma occurs, and, in the absence of bronzing, it should be excluded by an examination of the urine. Julian, of was named as delegate to the State Medical Society. He injected animals with emulsions of tliese organs and then tested the serum for the presence of specific antibodies. By the history of occupation and exposure, and by the fact that the liver is not decreased in size while the jaundice is more intense. U) Tracheotonnj: For the technique of tracheotomy, see works on surgery. Lately we have referred most of our cases to Dr.

It is needless to remark that before any operative interference is undertaken upon the kidneys, ureteral catheterization with examination of the urine of each kidney separately should be made and the customary function-capacity tests made to determine as far as possible the relative ability of each kidney as a guide to the safety of performing a nephrectomy, should this be contemplated or found necessary. Dauchez declares that only incorrigible children and those who have been caught repeatedly in crime should have meted out to them the extreme penalty of the law. Lymphatic Vessels in Malignant Growths.

In some thumb to the wrist and forearm, and from cases the lepra bacilli seem to be wholly inweakuess of the thumb, so that the grasp- capable of multiplying, for reasons we do of the sheath to be made out. The enormous swelling of the upper abdomen with displacement of the lower viscera and the interference with respiration are also important diagnostic signs of acute gastric dilatation. The patient steadily became worse, permission to empty the uterus could not be obtained and the patient finally died.

The appendicular abscess had ruptured, pouring its contents into the abdominal cavity, among the coils of intestine. In oedema and spasm of the glottis, spasm of the laryngeal adductors and paralysis of the crico-arytenoideus posticus, as well as in tracheal and bronchial stenosis, there is inspiratory In spasm of the glottis the patient's head is inclined backward and the larynx makes wide excursions during the act of In bronchitis the typical sounds are moist; in asthma they are dry. The leakage was evidently gradual as shown by the temperature for the first two days. Depression, a tendency to moderate melancholia, gastric irritatioii, and disturbances of circulation, must not be confounded with the lesner frequency of convulsions or paroxysms, a more moderate train of symptoms, occurring in mentally well-balanced individuals, usually males, after excesses or in association with phjBcal deterioration. They do a heap of thinking and ez10 in the end generally force the leaders to be fol lowers. When a tendon is ellce - lhe operative methods are divided the tendon must not be unduly strained. A new chapter describes mg poison standpoint of medicine.

Sleep from which it usually awakens with a clear head and no tendency to convul A Case ol Epidemic Cerebrospinal Men- sions Besides this, Neurosine contains no ed fatally, and discusses the question of diagnosis and treatment. In so-called catarrhal jaundice there is in reality no catarrh of the ductus choledochus, dyspepsia not being a proof of the existence of such catarrh. The writer would respectfully submit as a substitute for these subdivisions, except the first as a primary cause, the result of early 10 infections, usually the sequelae following the infectious diseases and la grippe. The whites of two or three eggs in a pint of water, with a teaspoonful of brandy and No milk for a few days.

Careful experiments showed that the rapid absorption was not due to the fact that the needle entered a vein.

As things are going, it is only a matter of time till most persons not possessing wealth will be drawn into the vortex. Expectant treatment at first, without doubt, should be tried, but if that fails and the patient grows worse, then the questions of inducing labor and operating on the kidney will arise. Later, a further operation was performed; the periosteum was detached, the cavity of the bone enlarged and the contents scraped out, consisting of granulation tissue, fragments of bone, and the ity the fang of the canine tooth was found. From the Orient this method came to Greece, but without making much impression there, because the loyalty of this people made them repugnant to such crimes, and they reserved poison for those they wished to put to death legally (ez).

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