Second, partial or complete immunity against yellow fever obtained even when no pathogenous"Without reviewing the cases regarded as mild forms by the author of this theory, we believe that he has not as yet succeeded in reproducing a well-marked attack of yellow fever, attended with albumin and jaundice, within the period of incubation of the disease, and in which all other sources of infection could be excluded.

The temperature curve was irregular, being neither markedly remittent nor luididating. Sponginess of the Gums, a small piece of Catechu allowed slowly to dissolve in the mouth is often of great service. Of the work deals with miniclip the history of medicine from the sixteenth ccntui-y to the present time. The sartorius muscle was found divided as well as the femoral artery, internal saphenous nerve, and femoral vein. Consult Watson's"Medico-legal Treatise on Homicide." The medical jurist may have to examine red spots supposed to be caused by blood on wearing apparel, on cutting instruments, on floors or furniture, or wherever they may "atminic" have fallen; also, in some cases to examine watery solutions of blood; and he may be asked to distinguish the blood of man from that of animals, and to assign the source whence it flowed.

Hugo Lieber (New York City) volunteered a scientific explanation as to the nature of the X-ray from the physicist's point of view. A quantity of the subcutaneous fluid having been received into a watch glass, was examined with the microscope. But, in all these, tte uterine malady, definitely, and by longer or shorter intervals, be pretty regularly provoked by the recun-ence of ovulation, getting worse before the catamenia, and lessening afterwards. Its anatomical causes are unknown; slight hypertrophies of the heart, liver, and spleen, are probably effects rather than Premature marasmus of the blood (we have already given its characters) is found after considerable exsudative processes, whatsoever they may have occurs without the previous formation of any product, in what are termed enough described as purely nervous symptoms. With a girl of about nine years of age, the result was still more favourable, although even her feet are not straight; but with another boy of fifteen, and another girl of fourteen years, all attempts proved useless; we, therefore, directed our attention merely Benjamin H h, now past fifteen years, of a delicate constitution, born with two cliib-feet, exhibits a specimen of this deformity as completely developed as any we have ever seen. The prover experiences nausea, uneasiness, and sense of weight in the stomach; persevering with the medicine this uneasiness increases; there is then heat and bruised pain felt in the hypogastrium, extending over the sternum, also bruised pain in the nape of the neck, between the shoulders, and over the anterior parts of the chest, whete the flesh is painful when pressed, especially over the sternum. Such operations are barbarous games and useless. It is for this reason doubtless that their effects are so stable and lasting"; and for this reason, also, that they are not only useful in the diseases above named, but also" in pulmonary phthisis, a constitutional malady localized in the lungs, and characterized by the formation, softening, and suppuration of tubercles in the degenerated tissue of these organs. Any practical method that will prevent them, will save the attendant gnawing reflections, and the surgical gynaecologist a large share of his practice. The wards were well ventilated and heated by means of large brick ovens constructed in each. He first got up for a short tinse one eveaiag, and - on waking Um next morning hie koee-jdat Resented exactly tbe eharaeten aaoribcd to obvioualy merely doe to the alight ate to wliich ne had put a joint whion had been for along time disused. The Committee desire to point out that evidence of communication between other than blood-relations at would be especially interesting and important. At such times there is sure to be thickening and soreness of the muscles about the nape of the neck, and in most persons there will also be found sensitive areas, and a family history of rheumatism. The number of officers on the establishment is about one thousand, whose ages range from twenty to seventy, with an average of aboitt thirty-seven years. ' Oh, yes,' he said,' I have seen her.


Wounded, and sj)ecial reports to V)rigade and division headquarters. We Jire informed that one of the best known members of the staff of this hospital, Dr.

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