Sometimes I manner and treatment of our patients. Cases of carcinoma of the intestine have been reported at twelve to thirteen years. But the analogy he employed "ashotone" the term"nodal rhythm" to between the progressof evolutionary thought designate this type of irregularity, ating germ cell variation directly with som- valvular lesion which may or may not be atic cell variation, the result of environ- present, the subjective manifestations are variation and selection among the different exertion is common. It is quite true that there are very few diseases for which we have exact and positive specifics, but these few have been among the most fatal and widely prevalent known, and the successful development and application of exact mea'sures of treatment for these has opened a field of therapy that is destined to be exploited in the fullest possible manner, doubtless with most gratifying results, in the next few years. He in turn had been in the habit of exchanging milk with a neighbor, in whose family also the disease later developed. Under this heading we may consider, first, the strictly therapeutic management of the disease; second, the regulation of the patient's life; and, third, the advantage of the colony over the hospital or The first needs no comment, for it is self-evident that with the individuals under full control, the various medical and surgical methods of treatment can be most perfectly followed.

Hospital near by -with open staff privileges (syrup). Of pbysick in tbe countrey to Dr.

New two volumes, the first embracing first principles and surgical injuries, and the second surgical diseases.

Boquerel, lieves, however, that it may produce it.

Iii juint of isli for the careless nse of naphtha, gasoline, New York. Oilio ( The) Medical and Surgical Journal. The spray is directed alternately into one eye and then into the other, the duration of the treatment being from five to ten minutes. We must first note that it is, next to the urinary bladder, the largest of the receptacles found in the course of the various excretory apparatuses. Finally in other cases an aplasia is found; that is to say, a complete failure From all these observations I come to the conclusion that the old definition is still nowadays correct, and that we therefore have to understand under the term of pernicious anemia such very grave forms of anemia as arise without any recognizable organic afifection and without parasitic influence, as the result of a specific injury involving the red blood corpuscles. There are good reasons for this increasing popularity of buttermilk. A cavity existed in its centre large enough to admit a body twice the size of the middle finger. The salivation as well as the headache price was almost constant. With exception of the latter the changes are purely functional and it is a peculiarity of the thyroid gland that functional disturbance gives rise to altered histological appearance. The nervous irritability, which was most intense and general, made the wool fleece intolerable, an uncontrollable motor restlessness rendered the rest plan impossible and the hypnotic had not only failed as an hypnotic, but had been followed by a collapse depression which was almost alarming.

Unfortunately no experiments have yet been made to explain the mechanism of its action. There was discussion of the slides as presented and opportunity for questions to be answered by the architect (plus). It is, or fifteen days after the period the follicle is of course, true that ventral root division ripe, or ruptured, and the previous corpus for pain would always cause some motor is atrophied; seventeen to twenty days after palsy, but the patient would probably al- the period we cannot find a new follicle in most prefer this disability to a continuance process of differentiation, but a corpus is of his pain. Zum Gebrauche bey akademisehen PiCCiNiNi (J.) Sopra strane complicazioui dans la production des maladies dites organ iques? PODVYSOTSKI (V. Aside from some cases observed by von Noorden, von Mehring, Lusk, and Mandel, I will only mention an especially convincing sugar. Legon de clinique chirurgicale sur I'osteoniyelite.

Report to the local government board on outbreaks of diphtheria at Hambledon and other. We have in acromegaly not a few symptoms in common with cases wandering pains, impaired vision, edema, polyuria and possibly others.


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