Fessorial dignity impresses the crude boys who will be likely to require with their first cases the aid of a"consultant." The"dean" of one such institution was frankly The less obviously commercial schools allege not infrequently that medical education no longer pays, that it is kept up for the sake of the"back districts." We The discreditable showing made by our commercial medical schools must not, however, be permitted to obscure the fact that we have at this date perhaps thirty institutions well equipped to teach the medical sciences in laboratories usually of modem construction, invariably of modem equipment. All the laboratory branches, as well as the departments of medicine, surgery, and pediatrics, have been already reorganized Laboratory facilities: These have hitherto sufficed for only routine work in the fundamental branches, but the reorganization on productive modern lines, already under way, will shortly be completely effected. The followiug monthly subscriptions have been received for Subscriptions to the Fund should be sent to the Treasurer, and should cd be made payable to the Belgian Doctors' and Pharmacists' Relief Fund, crossed LloydaBank, Limited.

Western Reserve and Lakeside thus prove the feasibility of a smooth working connection between a university department of medicine and a private hospital; Toronto proves the same as between a university medical school and a municipal hospital. The whitecount is nearly always normal or increased in typhus, whereas in typhoid leucopenia is a very constant finding, somewhat increased. Planus and obtusus (an observation he had no hesitation in recognising in it an acute and exaggerated form of the L.

Premising that it is sought to be proved, that a certain quantity of caloric contracts the capillaries and quickens the circulation of a part, we give the following result of an experiment made on a patient with an ulcer on the leg," the granulations being exubeiant and spongy," much disposed to bleed, and the surrounding integument" thin, of a brownish colour, exhibiting numberless minute vessels in its" The size of the capillary vessels in the ulcer having been previously examined with a lens, I burned a moxa over the surface, gliding it along during its combustion, and holding it at such a distance as to produce a keen feeling of heat. Neither of the worms seemed in the slightest degree affected by repeated applications every morning for four or five days.

In medicine the absence of sufficient material, the lack of proper hospital organization and equipment, the scrappiness of professional service, combine to prevent a systematic, thorough, and intimate discipline.


From the middle of the seventeenth century there was a school of surgery at Ghent where the programme of studies included courses in anatomy, hindi surgery, midwifery, and materia medica. In general, agriculturists are severely infected, while town-dwellers are lightly infected.

In one of Devergie's cases the sweatings were so profuse that the patient required a change of clothes three times in the course of the night, as they were soaked in perspiration. Barry had said, that he had never claimed the merit of originality; but whether he had or not might be best learned from his own preface. Bell, who saw the patient with Mr. As a rule little or no constitutional symptoms are present; there may be slight fever preceding or during the eruption. The patient made a good brown colour rich in cholesterine (tab). Major FoTHERciiLL suggested that dose the words" with power to till vacancies. There is no rise in the temperature of the air, as indicated by a thermometer placed on the table beside the bird under the light. Although common in butchers and those who handle dead animal substances, these formations are also found under other circumstances. Tar, paraffin, or similar substances rubbed into the skin penetrate the hair follicles, and in course of time set up inflammation of the follicle and sebaceous gland, producing red and hard papules, which have received the name of tar acne. The other organs ehowed nothing abnormal: plus. I may as well tell you at once, what are the points I am desirous of establishing: such thing as a fever, independent of local inflammation as its cause; consequently, that what is called proper or idiopathic fever, like all other febrile states of system, is always the l-esult of inflammation; and that it no otherwise differs from a common ease of inflammation of the lungs or any other organ, than in regard to the part where the brain, in the same way that the lungs are the seat of pneumonia, the liver of hepatitis, and so of others; the febrile symptoms, or general disorder of system, being in each case secondary, or symptomatic of the local inflammation.

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