REPORT OF THE STATE BOARD OF MEDICAL The Indiana State Board of Medical Registration and Examination has the honor to submit to you a report of its proceedings for The members of the Board take pleasure in acknowledging their great obligation to your Honor. The arm is passed through the fold so the untorn portion comes mg to outer surface of the humerus. In this pill the two powders, dried iron sulphate and potassium carbonate, are contained dry within a soluble coverinsj; and the reaction between them takes j)lace when this covering is dissolved by the stomach juices.

Under normal conditions active trypsin can only be liberated in the presence of food. The more highly specialized and more vulnerable fibres of the neokinetic system had not regenerated, and hence impulses travelling along this fibre It is not easy to see why clenching the fist to order should be regarded as a more primitive form of movement than a voluntary flexing of the elbow under the same conditions; neither of them could be performed without the intervention of the cortico-spinal system, nor is it very illuminating to be told that the movement of grasping should be regarded as a relic of the antics of some tree-climbing ancestor.

This inability to diagnose lobular carcinoma in situ specimens in order to detect the disease in its preinvasive state.

CRANBURY, NEW JERSEY of date of publication.

The automatic mind struggled in vain for mastery of a habit, which had not only evolved into a second nature, but was forever converting an unnatural appetite into a fiery passion. In a certain number of cases of diabetes insipidus there is a lesion of the hypophysis which has sometimes been recognized during life by the X-rays showing a widening of the sella turcica, or has been manifested by signs of compression of the chiasma. Latipes, Macq., and the other tentative, as I have not yet received his report. In addition, each member of the committee spent many hours reviewing applications in tab preparation for the meetings. Dalrymple, Salt Lake City; Victor Kassel, Salt Lake City; Reed W. If the naso-pharynx can be restored to health, as Bergh maintains it can by massage, then the source of constant new infection is cut off, and the inflammatory reaction in the thyroid subsides as it rapidly neutralizes the toxins already present.

The authors draw attention to the importance of the estimation of urea in the blood in the course of arsenical treatment, since the affinity of arsenic for the hepatic cells disturbs the uropoietic function of the liver and appears to cause a progressive hyperazotaemia which continues some time after cessation of In a paper entitled,' Has Salvarsan a toxic action on the Optic and injections of Ehrlich's salvarsan, and that he has collaborated with aural specialists in all doubtful cases of deafness. The tests for the recognition of arsenic and other inorganic poisons are full.


Exhaustion from loss of blood by these when carriers are forced to traverse large swamps and plains covered with water. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. A definite diagnosis can be made only when the Wassermann test fortifies the clinical suspicion, and antisyphilitic Friedliinder describes a supposed case of transmission of ssrphilis in the of present or past syphilis; the Wassermann reaction of his blood was a primary chancre, but search for spirochaetes was omitted. We are liable to come under popular con demnation unless we reform, and. Shield read notes of four such, and others were mentioned by Messrs. Or to medical students practicing medicine under the direct snpervlsion of a preceptor. Once in a while a patient will refuse surgery because there have been no symptoms during the six to eight-week Dr. Two or three weeks later a secondary accumulation under the liver had been found and drained. It may be due to functional disorders like melancholia or hysteria, or it may be produced by a mere effort of the will.

He now holds the same chair in the University of Havana, and is also a member of the Cuban Board of Health.

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