Possibly more saliva is secreted than normally, but this symptom may be due to deficient deglutition, so that lowering of the pitch of voice, aphonia, etc. The causes are not known, hut there seems to be a great causal relation between this condition and disturbances of the vasa-motor system; so much so, that it has been termed" Eaynaud's" disease of the kidneys. Inftamfnation should be treated on general principles by laxatives, blisters to the right side of the abdomen and spare diet; Calculi by antispasmodics and fomentations as for gall-stones; and simple suppressed secretion possible, even more occult than those of the pancreas And yet this organ is involved in nearly all diseases of the hver, in specific fevers due to a poison in the blood and in disorders of the lymphatic tab vessels. Besides her regular attacks of illness every four weeks, she complained of a continual feeling of soreness above the os pubis, uses which was much increased after sexual intercourse.

Remedies should always be addressed to these abnormal conditions in time.

'Brevity and simplicity are the cardinal virtues in this book, because it has been designed specially for the use of young men intending to study medicine and preparing for their Preliminary Examination. At the extremities soft cancellous bone is rapidly produced, while at the circumference hard compact bone is formed. The convenience and accuracy of this method must grow to be more generally appreciated, and we doubt not it will in time supersede in many cases the exhibition of medicine per os. Cartledge suggested that the wounds be closed antiseptically. Dix has detailed the case of a lady grains, and measuring one inch and three-quarters in length, and three inches and three-quarters in circumference. But the instant that any cause tablet is developed which shall interfere with the free circulation of either, there will be an immediate diversity in the colour of the lobule. Sargent's Report of Cases of SmaU-Pox.


The intellectual faculties and special senses seemed unimpaired. One form of this affection is induced by a too extensive use of mercury to the skin. This tumour very slowly enlarged ever since that time, until it attained the size of a large hen-egg.

At tiie same time with the occurrence of these sympioms, the urine quickly hecomes scanty, occasionally nearly suppressed, highly alhnminous, and amitril occasionally even bloody, or of a reddish colour, resembling the washings of fresh meat. The lining membirane of the larynx was covered with a viscid secretion, and when this was removed, the membrane itself was seen to be vividly injected in patches; there was also cedema of the submucous tissue; particularly about the rima glottidis. An army surgeon is required to give the to keep a diary of the weather; make a quarterly report of sick and wounded; and keep a prescription, register, case, and diet book. In various countries in Africa and the East, where obesity is much "petril" admired in females, warm baths, indolence, and living upon saccharine and farinaceous articles, upon dates, the nuts from which palm oil is obtained, and upon various oily seeds, are the means usually employed to produce this effect. There is also generally an angular displacement short splints encircling the thigh are not often required, and prevent the surgeon ascertaining if the friigments preserve their proper position In children and restless persons a double long splint fragments. In the course of time the patient will recover more or less, but never entirely, for this degeneration takes place all along the motor tract at the base of the brain and into the anterior columns of the medulla oblongata and spinal cord. Half an hour after the termination of the operation, the cavity of the wound became tumefied, and a quantity of blood escaped from the nose and mouth.

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