The only cases on which total exclusion is practicable are those in which the secretion is a minimum, and these are the cases where partial exclusion pives little discomfort with the open fistula.

PROPOSED LEGISLATION RESTRICTING ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION. Hunter's influence on the profession of this continent, so deep and enduring, was exerted in three ways. In short the physicians have organized a general strike along the line of principle:"If you want peace, prepare for war." The societies have been counting on the usual inertia and lack of organization among physicians to accomplish their aims of the minimum of expense for the maximum of medical services, but the decided stand being taken by the united profession will undoubtedly have its effect and the contemplated strike not prove necessary.

The revenue officials were unable to detect The report of the Chicago Health Department for the week its supervision of the city milk supply is best shown in the were below grade. Moulds are less frequently found than bacteria, and there are fewer bacteria in the air on damp and still days, than on dry and windy days.

Having good digestion, and never addicted to the use or abuse of liquors, he began taking fifteen drops of saturated solution of iodide of kalium, in compound syrup of cinchona and milk, immediately after eating, increasing the amount six drops daily, was decreased in the same relative proportion as it was increased, and continued in this way for a period of three months. The commission merchant may sell the goods in his possession in order to satisfy his claim, but must pay over the surplus to the a third party, not endorsed by the buyer, in payment, can not in case the note is not paid, hold the buyer responsible for the value of the goods. Only such substances can be diffused as either dissolve or can "mouthwash" mix with the covering of this diffusion membrane, or in the mate olive oil. The thromboplastin reacts side with prothrombin in the presence of a catalyst to form thrombin. Spray - the service for small hospitals may he invaluable in controlling serious outbreaks of diarrhea and treating epidemics. A few quite a sensation by proclaiming that he had.discovered that testicular fluid, extracted.from the fresh testicles of rams, had an ex:hilarating effect upon aged people. His letter will be found in our correspondence column. This theory was later refuted by Critchley and the first two cases of successful surgical removal described eight patients, three of whom had extradural epidermoids, one of whom had an intraspinal epidermoid, and the remainder had mouth intradural lesions. Impossible to say whether the trouble is abdominal or thoracic. But no doubt these germs can take on a greater virulence under peculiar conditions.

Which fungus and insect enemies are most abundant. According to the author just quoted, these may be" congestion, effusion, thrombosis, extravasation, destruction of membranes and cystic degeneration." Such results are not surprising when we consider the delicate nature of the fetal brain and its membranes. These principles come, for the most part, from the digestive glands, the superior labial glands, the liver, and the pancreas in the serpent and adder (harga). '' Expert Witness, and Other Prof essional Injustices. This view of the subject received clinical confirmation from the experience of most physicians who have constantly cured completely all the symotoms ascribed to this supposed disease by applications of astringent drugs to the vaginal vault alone, without ever suturing the uterine canal. These are chiefly troublesome in the commencement of pregnancy, and evidently prove, that they proceed, not from any mechanical pressure, either direct or indirect, against the coata of the stomach, but from mere sympathy with the new and irritable stale of the uterus: for, as the novelty of this state wears away and the stomach becomes accustomed to it, the sickness and other dyspeptic symptoms subside gradually, and are rarely troublesome even when, in the latter months of pregnancy, the effects uterus has swollen to its utmost extent, from a length of three inches to that of twelve, and has risen nearly as high as the sternum.


Sometimes the faecal concretions have a striking resemblance to a seed gargle of. Hi was sent home with instructions to continue his treitment, and owing to some faulty technique returned with cystitis. It seemed to me that this kind of an explanation of the working principle of the machine would enalde one to understand how plus vascular diseases can be successfully treated In peripheral circulatory disorders the heart is seldom affected.

Such diabetes, when present, may gel be completely reversible or permanent after correcting the glandular overactivity. Complete facilities for training Retarded and ulcer Epileptic children educationally and socially.

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