I have found cent.; and it is somewhat remarkable, that where there is a small quantity of albumen, there likewise the proportion of the resinous matter of bile is relatively small.

But this is an extension of the subject which is outside the object of this special paper, and it is not my present intention to pursue it further than to notice this fact, observed by others, as being widely interesting when taken in connection with the more general question of electric illumination. The microscopic appearances were similar to those detailed above. Anal, sulfure, to an uses acid obtained from sulphur, and commonly termed vitriol, acid of vitriol, oil of vitriol, or vitriolic acid. This can be attained, however, by the continued employment of specific 500 applications. Death is now near at hand: after these symptoms there is but little hope of recovery. Volunta'-v power began to return attheead of a month, end vecoveiT was perect before admission she had broken both bones of the right forearm near the middle by a fall, and had worn the ordinary straight splints for one month. The symptoms of pyelitis and hydro-nephrosis still remain, and the patient was still under observation. Thompson, of Indianapolis, thought that the time to look after this matter was in infancy, when catarrhs commence and increase with every cold that is taken. With increase of the strength of the current the per cent, of the contractions followed by expansions increased, and finally simple contractions predominated. Sayre, in his owti impressive manner, described the and applied his extension-splint before the class. In genuine goitre there is no such murmur. For the present we must be content to stand In the way of treatment we have no sure resource save the knife injection and electrolysis. On coming to, the patient had a fair pulse, and excepting slight laceration of the perineum, there seemed to be no damage to the parts. He believes that the dangers of tonsillotomy have been greatly overestimated, that iv serious accidents due to it are rare, and that the results of gal vano- puncture are less rapid, sure, and constant. The Tartars Hve with them somewhat in the manner the Arabs do with their horses. The value of sulpholeate of sodium tn in the treatment of skin diseases depends upon its miscibility with water, its rapid absorption by the skin, and its remarkable solvent powers. A resinous substance, yellow-coloured, fragrant tablet to the smell, and aromatic in taste, of which there are two kinds, viz., T.

(Volvo, to roll; because it was supposed to be a price twistingof the bowels.) Med., Pathol. Spinal spnptonis may also predominate, in the early pointed out, such cases may present marked pains in the entire spinal region, extending into the extremities, stiff' Etude clinique sur divers Symptomes Spinaux dans la Fievre ness of the neck, cutaneous and muscular hyperaesthesia, and even paresis of the lower limbs. The patient recjuires purer air and vastly more air than one in sound health. Thirdly, connected with these were the pathogenetic nerve-discharges, and the changes of the blood and excrementitious masses of various kinds. It is thus demonstrated that these are powerful stimulants of tissue oxygenation, as Gautier and Mourges had stated.

The more ad vanced a civilization the more complex become the problems which surround it.


The advantages of the method consist in the rapidity with which the wound may be closed, and the comparative simplicity of the technique. A 250 large, well-developed bone is usually pneumatic. When the expected composition value was were used as cutoff points in the contingency tables. The ice cap was applied to the head; he had a blister to the back of the neck; he was put upon bromide of potassium, thirty grains every four hours, was examined with the ophthalmoscope, and was found to have what the ophthalmoscopists call choked disk or ischsemia of the retina. Chantemesse believes that bronchitis and pulmonary congestion are always present in typhus fever, expectoration is more or less abundant, muco-purulent or purulent, and often bloodstained.

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