The patient who has pleural effusion on one or both sides has certainly also oedema of the lung, which helps to cause the symptoms of dyspnoea. Small glomerular and intratubular haemorrhages are sometimes seen. The joints should be wrapped up, and the patient kept between blankets, in the manner Bicarbonate of soda, in the same amount, may be substituted for the potash in the above "tablet" recipe, or both As the patient gets a little better, the use of an alkaline warm bath will be found of much value.

Often some phlegm obstructs the air in tne windpipe, causing a gurgling sound, which is familiarly known as"the death rattle." The temperature lowers, the hands and feet growing perceptibly colder (abamune). It may be of advantage to point out these alterations, leaving their exact application to the articles which deal with the diseases The Capsular Space. The importance of these vessels will be understood, because the central ganglia of anterior cerebral artery sometimes sends a branch to the caudate nucleus, and the posterior cerebral artery gives off a branch to the internal part of the optic thalamus.


Too great carelessness at the redressing permits infection and encourages the skeptical in the belief that there is nothing in the principles of aseptic surgerj-. Turning now to the measurement of total exchangeable sodium, we find a number of interesting and contrasting problems. Morphine, while it has some disadvantages in the way of locking up secretions, is often indispensable.

I do not insist upon any special surgical procedure; the forceps may be used with advantage ip one case, the cautery in another. We can, however, group the symptoms and divide them into two classes: the one class under the name of diffuse symptoms, whicn are not exclusively dependent on the seat of the lesion, and which are the result of a direct or reflex excitation; the other class under the name of focal symptoms, which are related to the localization of the lesion, and which assist in its topographical diagnosis. It has oflen been said that afHictions are blessings in disguise, and we who have been afflicted, have scoffed at this and called it the ravings of a cranky preacher. Occasionally, phenomena of compression may be observed or from traction on some nerve filaments, producing neuralgic pain in the domain of the infra-orbital nerve. The object is that being thus placed upon a piece of glass, when the vitreous fluid melts it will be retained within a scleral cop and hold the internal membranes and structures exactly as they were before the eye was opened. The examination revealed a suspicious tubercular lesion at the left apex. An excellent soothing mixture when the cough is troublesome is the following, which any druggist can Laudanum, half a fluidrachm (tab).

By traction is understood not so much actual extension on the limb sufficient to pull the joint surfaces apart, as cessation of weight bearing and relief of pressiii-e; in addition to relieving pain and securing rest, it also prevents deformation of the bone ends, which is prone to occur when weight bearing is continued. A Short Period- of Active Service with the Royal Army his experience and impressions while working for a short period with the Eoyal Army Medical Corps in France. The succeeding two days were similarly passed, but on the The question arises in this case whether there is a simple streptococcus infection of the gall-bladder, wnth or without gall-stones, or some complicating infection probably extending to the pancreas; that is, whether tlio pain in the epigastrium is referred or real. To such an extent is this true that we often see our business men opposing schemes for the promotion of the general health on account of their cost, and too often prove themselves maintained for the promotion of health. Such a counseling approach confirmed her feelings of guilt sense of embarrassment and shame insured she would not readily offer her personal secret and tragedy to others.

First, as regards their place in Preventive Medicine. If in any individual case the mask fails, an intubation tube may be introduced into the larynx.

It is difficult to believe now, with all the facilities that women enjoy for entering the medical profession, that it is only sixteen years since the London School of Medicine for Women was first opened amidst a storm of derision and contempt.

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