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Korallin Calcium Reactors

Model Height Diameter Filling Max.
1501 400mm 160mm 3kg 400gal 1046 300lph
3001 710mm 160mm 6kg 800gal 1048 900lph
4001 600mm 190mm 10kg 1600gal 1250 1200lph

Our kalkreaktors are made by Korallin in Germany and are considered some of the finest kalkreaktors available. Below is a discussion of some of the features of the Korallin reactors and a description of why each feature is important.

Auto-fill integrated bubble counter
Most kalkreaktors' bubble counters are independent of the main water circuit. This means that they have to be filled before use, and that the water in them evaporates over time. The Korallin's bubble counter is integrated into the water circuit, eliminating the necessity of periodically topping-up.

The disadvantage of this design is that the water in the bubble counter is under pressure. This places a backpressure on the CO2 system, necessitating a check valve, or a CO2 circuit that rises above water level. If neither of these precautions are implemented and the CO2 runs out, water could be forced back up the airline tubing and into the CO2 regulator, damaging it irreparably.

Self-suction water intake
The Korallin does not need a pressurized water-feed "tee'd-off" from a main pump. The design is such that the Eheim pump is able to "suck" water directly from a sump (althought the manufacturer recommends that the reactor is placed below the feed water level). Simply drop the ends of both the intake and the effluent tubes into the sump and hey presto, you are in action! (In actual fact, the end of the effluent hose should be just above water level in the sump so that the effluent rate in drops per minute can be counted.)

Water circuit interruption in case of CO2 overdose
Many kalkreaktors will continue to function in the event of excess CO2 dosing. This is dangerous because the excess CO2 will lower the pH of the effluent to dangerous levels, causing potential livestock loss in the display aquarium. To combat this, other kalkreaktor manufacturers suggest the use of expensive pH controllers. This is unnecessary with Korallin reactors. Instead, the Eheim pump's intake is about 1cm below the top of the reactor. Excess CO2 dosing causes a bubble to form at the top of the reactor, breaking the water circuit and effectively shutting down the reactor. The pump, after a time, will automatically shut down and sound an audible tone, letting the owner know of the problem. The excess CO2 can then be bled from the system using the bleed valve incorporated into the unit.

Aspirating technology
Korallin kalkreaktors pass the CO2 through the pump housing, where the pump impeller smashes the bubbles into innumerable micro-bubbles for optimum dissolution. This results in an ultra-efficient reactor that requires only 10 bubbles per minute of CO2.