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Reef Online is a direct internet based retailer providing worlds best products to the advanced reef hobbyist. Too often advanced equipment is either unavailable in Australia or costs two to three times the price expected in the U.S. or Europe.

Our aim is to help the Australian reef scene become as vibrant and successful as its U.S. or German counterparts by providing world class equipment at an affordable price.

Considerations For Dog Beds

Considerations For Dog Ownership
If you are searching for a new pet, but live in an apartment, try to find a new place to live that is pet-friendly. Let your family and friends know that you want new housing. Check the newspaper for home rentals that allow pets. Most classified rental ads will mention with pets are allowed. When you find a new home for your dog, then let the property owner know that your dog is obedient and calm. Property owners often do not allow large, aggressive breeds into their rental properties. Dog BedsThere are many dog supplies you will need to buy for your new pet. Dog beds from www.doggybeds.com.au come in a variety of sizes, shapes and fabrics. Choose the correct size to ensure your pet will actually sleep in it. Dog beds are not an expensive item if you shop carefully. Choose dog beds that are made out of soft material that makes your pet comfortable. The price of dog beds vary according to the type of material and size needed. 


Some people are allergic to pet hair and dander. If you want a new dog, but are afraid of your allergies, then consider a few tips to reduce the pet allergens. Consider keeping your dog in a separate bedroom at night while you sleep. Forced air conditioning and heating systems may send pet allergens throughout your home. Keep the filter changed on a regular basis. 

Wood floors are less bothersome for allergies than carpets. The hair that collects on wood floors can easily be vacuumed. Carpets hold pet hair and dander deep within their fibers. Use a HEPA filter inside your vacuum cleaner. Buy shades and curtains that can be washed on a regular basis. Clean your dog’s bedding twice a week. Wash your clothing after playing with your dog. 

An allergy specialist may give you allergy shots to reduce your allergic reactions. You can also wear a dust mask while interacting with your dog. Dermatitis in your dog may make your allergy symptoms worse. Look for skin sloughing and fur shedding. Regularly brush your dog to keep shedding to a minimum.